Science Proves Crap Rolls Downhill

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Wu Li Heron, Oct 22, 2016.

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    Physics describes everything in the universe as expressing entropy, or crap rolling downhill, that can suddenly transform into poetry in motion and vice versa. Not only that, it expresses synergistic-normalization where even synergy appears to diminish its own contents and produce crap results. Its what the I-Ching describes as, "The Turning Point" and what physicists call the lowest possible energy state of the complete system. Two pendulums hung on the same wall are the classic example in physics of this principle of nonsensical synergy that diminishes its own impact or what can also be described as synergistic-normalization or yin-yang push-pull dynamics or just plain shit happening with another example of the lowest possible energy state being when you relax on a couch and some damned fool startles you and you hit the ceiling.

    Its what can cause the smallest molehill to grow into a giant mountain of bullshit overnight and either come crashing down on you all at once or vanish inexplicably in the light of day. Feynman described the process of modern science documenting this phenomenon as attempting to prove all our theories are wrong just as fast as we can. The cartoon characters of Tom and Jerry illustrate this principle by chasing one another in circles until you can't even tell if they are just running for fun. The identity of anything and everything goes down the nearest cartoon rabbit hole or toilet of your personal preference. Sometimes crap rolling downhill can suddenly transform into poetry in motion and back again so rapidly that it makes 90% of this game half-mental which, of course, means that Murphy really was an optimist according to the standards of modern science.

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