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    But that says you can tell they're still male, people associate transsexuals with the ones that stand out. The ones that fall under the radar are considered to be female (or male if it be the case). Personally I've met some amazing transsexuals that I couldn't tell either way.. so what about them? Sweep them under the rug and not class them as TS? Awesome, well not for everyone.
    I'd say you're suggesting a connection between Asian people having smaller frames and being smaller so they're more feminine. Which may be true but it doesn't mean there aren't western TS's that are just as successful, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable considering Asians to be the 'best examples' of transsexuals, they have their fair share of 'noticeable' TS's. :S


    shemale=part he, part she, simple, there is no rule saying a shemale must put herself in that possition...
    A pre-op MTF transsexual = part she, part he. The slang term for shemale is what I described.

    and maybe i got my definitions wrong for transsexual and "GID" but eather way, NOTHING ~REQUIRES~ sex realignment surgery.

    Never at any point did I say otherwise, I said "in a lot of cases", which is true. I didn't discount non-ops.

    i can speak that out of my own heart, and im sure im not the only one that feels that realighnment is only skin deep: you still have the memerys of a male (or female if your ftm) and you can NEVER get those back, you still arnt compleatly female like, if im correct in saying you do not get menstration (which some might see as good, but if you are the one experiencing this, youll know it makes you diffrent, not a full women.),

    So what defines being male or female? what is between your legs or what you feel within your own mind? If a born female has a historictomy and can no longer use her vagina and has her breasts removed is she still female?
    What is left that makes her female? Hormones? Which is what a transsexual also has from HRT.
    If a pre-op transsexual has a relationship with someone who can't even tell then is she female?? IF you can't tell then it's not even a question?
    I really consider the 'not a real women' to be ignorant and insulting.
    You'd be surprised how similar the male and female body actually is.. and how much hormones play a part in those differences. TS's can of course store eggs and sperm before HRT, they may not have a womb/testes but they still have the option to have children and a lot do.

    theres alot that the surgery can't fix, and some just don't want it, alot more than people expect i imagine.
    Yep totally agree what is between your legs doesn't define who you are.
    But it is a shame the legal system doesn't recognise non-ops as who they really are.

    a big issue i atleast have, is comfert. obviusly some people have problems with transgender people or people who would crossdress or act in a conflicting maner than what their gender demands.
    I also think it is sad, I think the general view of transsexuals is that it's a lifestyle choice not something you are born with which it is. It's as prevalent as being blind (1/500) yet being blind is ok and people feel sorry for them, but the misunderstandings of transsexuals results in hate. But saying that I knew nothing about it until a certain age as it effected my life. But I've always had the view point of not understand how people can feel they have a say over other peoples lives like they're god or something when the person in question is not harming anyone or anything.. it baffles me. Hate is silly and pointless.

    and with that, youll always be reminded you arnt the sex you were ment to be, i feel that this might be a reason that would drive so many to the surgery, but i personaly see the surgery as skin deep and a mutalation of the body. i might be a female, but i have an appreciation that has grown to me in this male prison.
    I don't know about mutilation, maybe for FTM as the results are not always perfect at this point in evolution, but for MTFs the surgery is undetectable by gynaecologists and the male penis has more nerve endings so MTFs have greater sensation from penetrative sex than most born females, on top of a perfectly functioning clitoris. Hardly mutilation IMO :p
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    i think you maybe missed a little of what i was meaning. what i was saying is that surgery can only fix what people see. you still know that you were BORN the wrong gender, you still have the childhood of either the wrong gender (if you allowed people to push you with shame into that role) or some middle ground (if you stood against, but as a child were pushed harder against, not gaining what should have been your birth right).

    but, to what makes a women, thats a good question. sure, a man can do all the roles of a woman and be feminine, but still see himself a man. and phisical apperence is not everything. but you know what you are, you know you are either man or woman, and when you know that you are a man in a womans body, or a woman in a mans body, it is hard, you know something is wrong with you, and you want to fix it. this doesnt exactly answer what makes a man or women, but this is about as close as i can come; both genders are same but so diffrent, and to each person, their own definition. all i know is, i am a woman but im in a mans body, i know this is not right, and i deeply would like to fix it, id like to beable to have the child hood i should have: my first kiss as a girl, my first menstruation, dressing as i should, just seen as another girl, not a boy that "thinks" hes a girl, because thats not what i am. in the end, its about you seeking the truth for all to see.
    not just the legal system but society. society sees a person, and if their chest is flat and their voice is masciline, they will expect them to like what other guys generaly like, and not think that possibly he is a trapped she, and if that trapped person would tell that they are not the gender they show as, they would be labled freaks, wierd, etc.

    the thing is: whats to hate? thats what i dont understand. i dont seek pitty, i seek understanding, and to be viewed as any other person, because thats all i am, a person, mixxed up a little, but im a person, and its for no one else to tell me my gender, but it should cause no anger against me to be in this painful situation, i should not be hated because i must suffer in the body i shouldnt be in, because if i HAD a choice, i wouldnt be in this body, and i wouldnt have this problem. but society has learned to be hateful against things that are diffrent. so this is why i accualy see this curse as a blessing in a way: i have been shown that i shouldnt judge people. (i believe in a cycle of rebirth, so this kind of information would help for the next life in my opinion.)

    it might not be mutilation in sence of visual, but personaly, i would never get the surgery, i have a grown appreciation for this male figure, that i wouldnt bring a knife to it in a poor attempt to create a true and natural female body. not saying that any one that gets the surgery is doing anything at all wrong, the contrarily in fact, i encourage them to do what they feel right, and ill do what is right for me, which is to learn to make this body as comfortable as i can, without phisicly changing it, which in my eyes would be me spitting in the face of nature. nature crafted this body, and though my mind doesnt find it comfertable, its not humans place to craft the form of living beings.

    please dont take it personaly if i over react a little occationaly x.x its kind of a touchy subject and one that iv never really talked very openly about.
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    Yeah I agree with most of your post, but this....^^^
    What about people that correct deafness or blindness etc.. nature is not perfect and neither is the human body, if it means the individual will have a happier time being alive then I don't see the problem. I can understand people being against cosmetic surgery but personally I don't mind it, if it makes them happy then so what.. it's their temple :p
    It comes back to that, people trying to take control over someone elses body, no one should hold a vito over someone elses body.
    What if your bits made you so hateful that you couldn't live with them? So it became a choice between living a life of mental torment, death or having the op?
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    Fake titties weird me out. Besides that, I'd be down.


    Would hit.


    Would hit both.
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    well, for deaf/blindness, i think you would gain a great appreciation for the world around you, not having a bias to one sensation, you may gain where you would have not had such a liking for. example: a forest can be a buetiful place, but not always a loud place. but if you had no eyes that worked, and you only heard, you would try to hear more, and hear the subtle sounds, and they would compleat the orchestra of the forest, where normaly youd only hear the louder sounds.

    i see natures mistakes as intentional, they teach lessons. (again i believe in reincarnation so this goes with it) not long ago i was very confused (still am but im more aimed) i hated myself, i hated everyone and thing, i thought the world was mocking me, i was and am a freak, ~but~ that isnt a bad thing. iv learned acceptence and love for all people, even those that hate me. i believe if i were in my normal body, the one i was ment for, i probly wouldnt be nearly as accepting and omni-loving as i am, id be an entirly diffrent personality, probly not for the better either. being in this body i know first hand what its like, and id never dream of holding something like this against a person, but if i didnt have this i wouldnt have the view, and i might not see how it effects the person, and thus i might not care. iv learned from my experience, and i believe nature creates inperfection as a means of teaching.

    as for the question at the end:

    i used to be like that, and i had a few close calls, very nearly sent myself to my next life, but they were failed attempts and i soon learned a lesson, that this might not be for the worst, and that maybe i can fight for others who share my problem, help make this a better place for us that are misunderstood by some, and that i can fully absorb the lesson that is to be learned from this expeirence. its painful, beyond what most without a similer problem can comprehend, but in a way its sort of rewarding.
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    i have. I think theyou are so perfect best of both worlds breasts and cock.
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    My wife is bisexual and won't even have a MMF threesome or sex with another guy after trying it just once. She has had a few thousand FFM threesomes with me and her live in girlfriend over most of our 44 year marriage. Yet when it comes to male bisexual she wants no part of it. She cannot wrap her head around two men having sex for some reason.

    I am what they call heteroflexible. I identify as straight, am not attracted or sexually aroused by men nor seek them out. Yet under the right circumstances I can have sex with a man and have done so twice in my very early years. The reason is that I am not repulsed by same gender sex since I have seen it so many times with my wife and guys at sex parties. I would need a few drinks and maybe some weed first. I also would need at least one woman to arouse me or tell me that it would turn her on to watch me do it. I have only done anal and am curious about oral on a guy in a group setting with a group of girls taking part. I just like new sexual experiences whether I like them or not. We have tried just about all of the fetishes you find online, even the yucky ones. I did not like some of the yucky ones but did them anyway for the experience. I am all about experiencing life, and not just sex, as much as I can in the tiny speck of time I am alive.
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    Most "shemales" are overtly feminine. They try too hard.

    And I don't say that with any notions of discrimination or hatred. If that's who they are, awesome sauce! I hope they are happy. But for me personally, when it comes to women, I like 'em a bit rougher around the edges.
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    Nope, never
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    I dunno if I'm bisexual, I'm queer I guess, but I like both men and women. My answer: yes. I like trans & intersexed.
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    The thought of a gorgeous lady with a big swinging cock between her legs really turns me on. Shove that up my ass, baby.......
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    I'm a bisexual girl, I don't think I would have sex with a transexual person as easy as I have sex with a cis person, be it a man or a woman, I'm not saying I wouldn't do it, but I don't think it would be as easy or fast if I knew that person is transexual, I'd probably need a little more connection to that person. At the moment I haven't had sex with a transexual man or woman that I know of. I do think they deserve to be treated equally and have the same rights and dignity as everyone else.
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    or, to put it another way:

    A shemale is a male-to-female transexual
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    No, aside from sex workers using it as marketing, shemale is a slur.
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    That's easy to say when God hasn't removed your ability to type. However, you may simply reply that if it happened it would teach you to hit the keys using a paintbrush held between your teeth
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    May we expand the discussion to include pseudo-hermaphrodites (given that there are so few true hermaphrodites [ a few hundred]), There are a few on the net and they are beaucoup intriguing. The American ones who choose to do Internet porn generally do it with these brain dead oafs who ruin any erotic content the sex may have. The European ones are more nuanced - but I digress.

    Kilroy - I wouldn't term that a digression; necessarily
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    So, you wouldn't fellate a shemmy? (raises eyebrows)
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    Ladyboys and katooeys come to mind. The problem is that they can be so sweet and adorable that they over-shadow genetic girls (not that I've ever slept with a ladyboy, or smooched one, of fondled one's breasts, or stroked one of their penes (variant - like clitorides - Greek root, I think), but such could be on my bucket list - could be - just sayin'

    Kilroy - JEEZ!!! do you ever over-analyse. Next you'll be raiding DSM V for punning and clang associations

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