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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by jamaican_youth, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. jamaican_youth

    jamaican_youth Senior Member

    Do you ever fantasize about shemales? It never occurred to me that you might, but I've spoken to two bisexual friends of mine, one a girl the other a guy, and both have said they've thought about it before.
  2. Shale

    Shale ~

    Not me, assuming by she-male you are taliking about mostly woman with breasts but also with a cock. However, if I met one that was nice and got a boner up, I'd likely suck on it.

    However, I have been curious about transexuals - just what a man-made vagina could be like. My wife said if I had to opportunity to tap one go for it but take notes for her. :p

    Never got the opportunity.
  3. vindictive

    vindictive Member

    thats fucking disgusting
  4. jamaican_youth

    jamaican_youth Senior Member

    Well, it makes sense, my friend said she likes penises, but she also really likes breasts, so, can't argue with that logic. And my other friend, he'd fuck anything so when he told me, I was like "you know, that actually doesn't really surprise me".
  5. sobebella

    sobebella Member

    like everything else, it matters on personal taste, some might some might not
  6. The first word that comes to mind is creepy. I've never been with a guy/girl whose sexual status is not well-defined, so the thought of it is still unsettling to me. I'm not sure I could get comfortable enough to get turned on. Maybe if I knew them for a while first...
  7. MM18

    MM18 Member

    Wow creepy huh! Transsexuals are humans as well no? I find the ignorance of transsexualism far more shocking than anything else. But well the thing is I also dislike TS's ..well in general even thought I've met some that are strange but cool and some that you can't even tell, it would feel like hating any other women really.
    I do dislike the word shemale though as that is just a phrase used for those that you'd possibly catch a glimpse of in an Xmovie. To generalise TS's like that is proof alone of ignorance of not just understanding but simple terminology.
    It's like asking a racist why they hate so much and them replying with "because the TV told me to".
    So OP.. Im bi but I don't find transsexuals attractive generally speaking but if I met one that I found really attractive physically and mentally then I'm sure my love would override any negative pre conceptions.
    Remembering that it is something they're born with it's not a life style choice or perversion, a lot of shemales are forced into 'acting' due to the high costs of surgery and shunning that occurs while seeking employment. Personally I feel sorry for them, just as much as I would seeing a blind man being robbed.
  8. If I haven't been around any, is that my fault? Wanting to understand them doesn't make it automatically happen.
  9. MM18

    MM18 Member

    There are plenty of webpages here online chock full of information, this one is known for it's wide coverage of TS info:-
    as far as shemale stuff goes I cant help. :p
  10. jamaican_youth

    jamaican_youth Senior Member

    What's the difference between a transexual and a shemale?
  11. We're drifting off the original topic, MM18. Of course these people's rights and dignity should be respected. But that doesn't mean that I will ever be turned on by any transsexual, transgender, or hermaphrodite individuals. The desire to fuck someone comes from deep in the brain, not the part that is affected much by conscious thoughts about how things should be.
  12. MM18

    MM18 Member

    Completely agree with you, needless to say.

    Jams>> A shemale is a male to female transsexual that is known to sell themselves to pay for ops, usually featuring in some form of porn.

    for more info on different labels that fall under transgender:-
  13. sobebella

    sobebella Member

    transexual= a person who is in the wrong body, gender-wise, not necessarily some one who has underwent the surgery, as some do not want the surgery for personal reasons.

    "shemale"= some one who is probly in the inter-phase of the surgery, which is usaly done in parts, both the more easily become used to the new parts, but also just because its expensive and the doc wantsa break inbetween.
  14. lukeington

    lukeington Member

    Not at all. Although you can't tell the difference on the outside from some of those Thai Ladyboys....
  15. MM18

    MM18 Member

    Transsexual = A person who is diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, who feels to have a gender that is of the opposite birth sex. In a lot of cases requiring HRT and/or Sex Realignment Surgery (SRS).

    Shemale = A Pre-Op Transsexual that is paid for sexual acts. Usually to cover drug and surgery costs often due to public scorn.

    You'd be really surprised just how many transsexuals you will met in your life and not even realise, despite a number that are seen to not 'pass' in the public eye there are an equal amount that blend in unnoticed. :p
  16. lukeington

    lukeington Member

    im sure thats true, but the thai lady boys are the probably the best example of this.
  17. wild-flowers

    wild-flowers forever arbitrary

    Yes, I have.
  18. sobebella

    sobebella Member

    shemale=part he, part she, simple, there is no rule saying a shemale must put herself in that possition...

    and maybe i got my definitions wrong for transsexual and "GID" but eather way, NOTHING ~REQUIRES~ sex realignment surgery. i can speak that out of my own heart, and im sure im not the only one that feels that realighnment is only skin deep: you still have the memerys of a male (or female if your ftm) and you can NEVER get those back, you still arnt compleatly female like, if im correct in saying you do not get menstration (which some might see as good, but if you are the one experiencing this, youll know it makes you diffrent, not a full women.), theres alot that the surgery cant fix, and some just dont want it, alot more than people expect i imagine.

    a big issue i atleast have, is comfert. obviusly some people have problems with transgender people or people who would crossdress or act in a conflicting maner than what their gender demands. and with that, youll always be reminded you arnt the sex you were ment to be, i feel that this might be a reason that would drive so many to the surgery, but i personaly see the surgery as skin deep and a mutalation of the body. i might be a female, but i have an appreciation that has grown to me in this male prison.
  19. BFBooboo

    BFBooboo Member

    Personally, no... just not my style.
  20. bikimaholic

    bikimaholic Member

    I would love to hook up with a she-male. They can be so hot yet have a perfect cock under their skirt. think about this. I have no sexual attraction to men, but I do to their dick. Give me a hot chick with a dick and let the fun begin

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