public school or home school???????????

Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by katelin101, May 16, 2010.

  1. katelin101

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    i i dnt kno if i should homeschool my kids, will they miss out on like tha fun???
    i have 2 kids an thier ages r 3 an 5 an my 5yr old is already not looking foward to school.
    we took him up there but he just threw a fit he HATED IT an im not sure about what their teaching my kids about god
    we are hindu an my friend says her son comes home talkin about jesus an stuff an their also hindu.
  2. moondrizzle

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    public school teaches many things that cannot be thought at home, things like making friends and being social, interacting with other people is great education for the big bad world.
    I went to an all boys catholic school until I was 18 so I did a lot of that jesus shit, but not all schools are religious. Even when I was in school I was never religious. Your kids will eventually make up their own mind regarding religious issues anyway so that should not be your focus in the first place. You should be concerned about your kids real future, public school will definitely make their life easier and more enjoyable in the long run.
  3. katelin101

    katelin101 Member

    thats a good point
  4. OneLifeForm

    OneLifeForm Member

    Public school.
  5. Valdis

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    Public school doesn't teach socialization at all. It teaches you that you should only associate with your own peer group. It teaches you to be competitive and rude. Though you are with other people all day, rarely are you allowed to socialize. Therefore it teaches you that "friends" are the people you slightly know because they happen to be there too.

    Homeschoolers tend to have a much broader socialization process through out many different age groups. This is particularly true if the family believes in volunteering.

    When we began homeschooling we didn't actually stay home much. We were far too busy with park days, swim practices, girl scouts, boy scouts, gymnastics and anything else the kids wanted to do.

    Yes, in public school, there is a BIG push about jesus and if you don't belong to the "right" church you may be socially shunned. Then your enemies are the people you only slightly know because they happen to be there too.

    At home, the "teacher" KNOWS if you've done your work or not. In second grade I found my son's desk was STUFFED with over 100 homework papers that he hadn't done. His teacher had no idea.

    Even teaching after school some, I taught him more than school did. Since we began homeschooling he has learned and retained so much more. Plus my gifted child has had a chance to really study whatever she wanted in depth. It's made us a happier and closer family, with happier individuals in it.
  6. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    Public schools teach you to wait, to stand in line, to sit down and shut up, to pass the test. They also teach you to put your brain in a box, don't ask questions, and heaven forbid do not ever think for yourself. School is not about socialization. When do they socialize. They've taken away recess in most schools so they have time to teach to the test. You can't socialize at lunch because you have ten minutes to wolf down your lunch. Can't eat that fast, too bad, go hungry for the afternoon.

    My son has never been to public school. He socializes every Thursday at park day. He socializes during our monthly class at the Art Museum. And after the class the kids get so busy playing outside the museum it takes hours to tear them away. Every month we attend two different environmental centers where he plays with all kinds of kids. And these kids are not just other 8 year olds. He plays with 8 year olds and 18 year olds and 18 month olds and even 80 year olds and all ages in between. We go to a historical farm every month. We go and we go and we go. In fact I had to buy a calendar when I started homeschooling so I could keep track of all of his activities.

  7. Zorba The Grape

    Zorba The Grape Gavagai?

    They'll need to go to public school, if only because they won't be able to learn proper English at home.
  8. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    You would win the award for best PR for homeschooling, but it sounds like you are trying too hard to convince us your son has real friends, is super happy and is a well rounded human being and homeschooling has done that.
    He could well be. But come on, did you have turn it up to 11?

    I can only speak from my experience of going to a public/state school...
    I loved it...
    This is with hindsight: I got to see my friends every day and we would learn together.
    We would fall out and hate each other.
    We would make up.
    You don't just socialise in the playground: We made jokes in class, we laughed at the teachers. You shout, you talk.
    Basically you learn to interact.

    I'd wonder if your sons so-called friends would really just be "buddies" - not real friends.
    Yeah, it's great to have fun, but you also need to be bored of each other and have big fights.
    Fights that go on and on and on.
    That helps you deal with people, imho.

    The few home-schooled kids I know are quite precocious (and not in a good way).
    They think they know everything.
    It does feel like they need to be brought down a peg or two by the school bully.
  9. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    So what if they are talking about Jesus?
  10. Raichu

    Raichu Member

    I'm an atheist who is growing up in Oklahoma. The belt buckle of the United States Bible Belt. It may not be fun hanging around some people who hate you just because you are different, but it's the differences that make us unique.

    So your son is talking about Jesus. Maybe he is exploring his individuality. You should let him be whatever religion, sexuality, and whatever he wants. Trying to make children into what they are not, is what destroys families and causes teenage rebellion.

    Now public school isn't the best. Especially considering if you live in America where about over 70% of everyone is Christian, and even more in some states like where I live, but it teaches kids some traits that they can't learn by home schooling.

    At public schools, they can learn social skills by making friends with the students and facility. All you have to do to make sure that the kids are doing good in school and nothing is wrong, all you have to do is take an interest and ask them about their day. If they tell you that something is wrong like they are being bullied by being Hindu threaten to sue the school if they don't do anything. My parents did that when I was in the 6[sup]th[/sup] grade. That is when people figured I was an atheist and they started making fun of me. My parents threatened to sue, I got put in a different class, and those kids got suspended or expelled.

    Sure, in home schooling you have more control of the education your child receives, but they will mis out on the most important thing you learn at public school, how to socialize.

    Well, that has been my two cents.
  11. moondrizzle

    moondrizzle Member

    What kind of nazi school did you go to??? :eek:
  12. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    Lol. I'd like to know that too.


    that sounds more like catholic school more then public
  14. blackcat666

    blackcat666 Senior Member

    this is the best website, that deals with all the different forms of schooling, and the good and bad points of each form.:cheers2:
  15. Dakota's Mom

    Dakota's Mom Senior Member

    Just offering my opinion. Didn't know it had to match yours to be accepted on here. I went to public school in a small town in Iowa. My husband went to public school right outside New York City. I have five adult children who went to public schools. None of us liked school. None of us made friends at school. My grandson was so bullied he became physically ill. His mother went to the school several times to complain. Finally found out that the bullies' parents were best friends with the principal. Wasn't until the bullies broke into their home and got arrested that she decided to pull him out of school. He is now happy, healthy, and doing well at home. My son has many many friends in our homeschooling community. Friends that he can fight with and still be best friends with. Not just buddies, but best friends.

    As far as I know everyone has a right to their own opinion and I am expressing mine.

  16. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    Dakota's Mom, as far as I'm aware I've personally never said agree with me.
    I guess you have had some scrutiny but not too much abuse, if any.
    I was only a little put off with your zeal, that's all.

    I took the trouble to go through some of your previous posts and If I understand correctly your son has some behavioural problems, hence thinking if he went to a public school he would be pumped full of drugs.
    I can't imagine that could go on with out your consent, and it might be a tad over the top.
    But I can appreciate why you want to protect your son and keep him away from something you perceive as bad.

    Public schools are not perfect neither is home-schooling, but if works for your child, fair enough.

    Btw, if I introduced you to a few home-schooled kids I know you will know what I mean...and where my prejudice comes from.

    Btw, I wasn't being completely serious about the bully. Bullying is wrong blah blah blah etc. I know. I just thought they needed something to bring them down a peg or two...

    Fair enough.
  17. good2bhome

    good2bhome Member

    Check into the homeschooling/unschooling community in your area. There might be tons of fun opportunities for the kids (coop classes, holiday parties, clubs, etc). Our area has quite a variety for very religion, learning style, and on and on. You might be surprised. Try yahoogroups or just google your area and homeschool.

    Whether or not you want to send your kid to someplace he already seems to hate or might conflict with your religious views is up to you. But check out both options. Just remember that school is not the only place to have fun.:D
  18. Sitka

    Sitka viajera

    Few kids do worse with exposure to more view points, especially when those are different than their parents' view.
  19. -fleur-

    -fleur- Member

    I'd always send my kids to a public school. Why? Cause you CAN'T be good enough at teaching all subjects. Sorry, but NO way. I'm studying to become a teacher (not in the US, though) and I've lived in the US for a couple of month, seing how parents tried to home school their kids. I felt so sorry for the children because they missed out on so many things.
    So what if they talk about God? I'm not religious, but information is never a bad thing. It broadens your children's minds while you can still tell them what you think about all that.
    [x] give them the opportunity to learn everything they have to learn in a didactically reasonable way.
  20. RobynCB90

    RobynCB90 Member

    Aldous Huxley discusses this issue with his two books: The Island and Brave New World. In both societies people are integrated into a social world. This can be compared to public schooling. It all depends on the people around you. If you go to public schools and you have poor teachers and the other students don't give two shits about anything, well then homeschooling is probably better. However, if you home-school your kids, but you have issues or problems, yours kids are probably going to be effected by that, but if you are exposed to more open people, a variety of people, most of whom don't have the same issue as your parent: then it is less likely that the parent's issues will be 'passed-on' to the child.

    In short, if you're intelligent, open-minded, and positive, then home-schooling could very well be a good choice for the child. A lot of teachers don't have those qualities. However, if you're keeping your child home to be close-minded (to believe in a certain religion) or if you have any sort of mental issue that could become toxic to a child (so easily influenced by a parental figure, or someone they look up to) then it's not a good idea to home-school your kids.

    As for the socializing, it is very important. Whether it be through school, play-dates, a camp, or just meeting other kids at social gatherings: it's all a different way to learn to interact with people. There are different forms, public school isn't the only way to meet people.

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