Online Resources for Small Businesses & Co-ops

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    Screw the Corporate Overlords! Go into business and work for yourself!

    Add your helpful links to the list!

    Small Business Administration

    Small Business Development Centers
    Find help near you for your small business

    Free Online Business Courses
    Online Magazine for Work-at-Home-Mothers

    The Official Business Link to the US Government

    Co-op America:
    Everything you want to know about cooperatives

    a free information resource seeking to align environmental business practices with business success

    Green Business
    an online community for eco entrepeneurs

    small business grant information:
    More help on business grants

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    Business tools... If you join by clicking here you can find almost all of those resources in one spot along with a significant amount more and press releases and profiles picked up by google. I upgraded because this site is so amazing.
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    Thank you very much.

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