Nuclear War?

Discussion in 'The Future' started by Fairlight, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Asmodean

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    So you dropped the jehovah's witness facade huh?
  2. fraggle_rock

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    I would say it's going to be likelier as climate change grows more pronounced.

    India, Pakistan and China are expected to be hit with massive droughts at the end of this century, and all 3 of them are nuclear powers. China and India also have massive economies that could easily make them both into global superpowers within a few decades.

    If there is a war between India and China, it's quite possible that the rest of the world could be drawn into it. And this on top of the already sketchy situation in the Middle East that doesn't seem to have an end.

    Not to mention fascism is on the rise in Europe... and the GOP has almost fully devolved into a religious cult. Any political party that would deny climate change for the sake of campaign funding is probably also capable of waging nuclear war.

    I'd like to think that people are somewhat more aware of what nuclear war would actually mean for the planet than they were during the cold war, but the anti-science elements of the right make me think that we could even see right-wing mouthpieces insisting that the people who have studied these things are corrupt goons who love the enemy-of-the-year more than their own country.

    Some of the comments I've read online are more than enough to convince me that people could be easily manipulated into supporting a nuclear war.
  3. Fairlight

    Fairlight abstract distractionist.

    Do the people who could eventually have their fingers on the button realize the potential global catastrophe of even just one tactical nuclear strike.It scares me that those in power could even begin to make the idea acceptable.Also there is a race by China and US to build sci-tech hardware to shoot down radar and defence satellites in space.This would only go to give the idea that a nuclear war is winnable.Trouble is this tech is not proving to be %100 reliable,although China has successfully knocked out a couple of satellites in tests.
  4. Asmodean

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    I don't think there would be a 'nuclear war'. Either some party pushes the button or not. If they do, the war is over.
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  5. neonspectraltoast

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    Yes, there will be thermonuclear wars, but it won't be so bad. Virtually every city on Earth will be destroyed, but country folks'll still be country folks. That's really who makes America, anyway.
  6. Moonglow181

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    I don't think that Big Foot will allow it to happen.
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  7. Asmodean

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    It won't be so bad to lose most cities on earth and the people in it? Are you a misanthrope? Do you really think America will still be America if all the cities and their people are gone? If you're serious you seem disturbed.
  8. He wont prevent, he already knows whats gonna happen. Bible prophecy is accurate. No reason why armeggedon wont be to. Just as in the days of Noah, men and women were eating, drinking and marrying and people took no notice till the flood waters swept them away.
  9. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    It is the contradictory statement that God would intervene in a nuclear disaster (that would have destructive impact on the world) in order to let armageddon happen that's especially typical for you. Sure, if a meteroid or something hits earth people will be eating, drinking etc. That's not remarkable or strange.

    So you really don't pose as a Jehovah's witness anymore?
  10. fraggle_rock

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    But chances are the country folks will either die of radiation poisoning or from starvation during the resulting nuclear winter.
    Even a small-scale nuclear exchange could lower the planet's temperature enough to cause mass-starvation.
  11. RooRshack

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    Times indefinite means times indefinite, not "forever".

    It generally implies a long time - but it absolutely does not say forever, indefinite means you DON'T KNOW, it's INDEFINITE, NOT DEFINED.

    I'm going to skip all the "if he wishes to stop evil, but is unable" crap, and say if he can't write a straightforward sentence, or if he can't communicate his message clearly to all of his creations, what kind of pathetic two bit god have you got?

    I mean, the issues with writing your word down to pass it on are obvious - most people have historically not been able to read it, and you're clearly no exception... and you'll further make my point about the idiocy of that approach when you begin talking about the original context and original grammar (which, if they were very important, would have been what you used from the beginning - I'm so tired of all the grammar apologists/revisionists acting like they're victims of the translations they choose to use).

    Ending humanity / intelligent life on earth means, effectively, ending all that is or ever was, or any memory of it - it might as well be ending the existence of everything, including existence itself - and yet, that doesn't sound so bleak, when I read your posts. It'd almost be worth destroying all that ever was or will be, to make a totally unarguable point to you.

    Now that I consider it, you're trying to deny the possibility of nuclear war, because god's supposed to be the one to kill everyone - your insecurity (in life - the insecurity that makes you waste your life in the pursuit of silly feel-good lies) is showing.
  12. Tyrsonswood

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    ^^^ This!
  13. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I would 'like' your post but this part is a bit sad. I have had the strong feeling for a long time that Lornadoom/JustBreath/Futureawaits is a troll that likes to pose as something he's not. Maybe he's a conspiracy theorist that went over the edge, maybe he just really dislikes religion and thinks posing as a retarded religious follower is a valid way to discredit religion even more (this seems to be the case).
    I for one can't really take him serious in any way. I understand why religion and (certain) religious people are often subject to criticism but he seems to be out to give them all an even more bad name. First he tried to do this with jehovah's witnesses, but he blew his cover once when he was still posting under the name Lornadoom.
  14. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Even if they don't believe exactly as they post, I think people who spend their time on that sort of rhetoric obviously get something more from it than just trolling reasonable people. Saying is believing, and I can't really see how anyone who isn't seriously hung up on that shit would squander their life arguing for a tiny primitive bullshit worldview. The thought of it makes me feel claustrophobic and very aware of the fact that we'll all die and our existence will mean nothing more than it did as we lived - I can sit and argue for logic, and I can say some bullshit for fun, but going hundreds of posts to argue for horrible things you don't really care about, with a regular audience of just a handful of people?

    Haha, I made the hippies argue against my circular logic built on painstaking analysis of old testament grammar, and then kept doing it? I don't think so, it's just not entertaining or fun, it's not like starting a political shitstorm, it mostly means being totally written off by most people and then discussing your grammatical re-engineering with a handful (like udr-ckn, or whatever his name is.... you know the one) of true believers.

    I could be wrong, different strokes for different (trollin') folks, but it seems like beyond the initial few posts, it's not very much bang for your buck. There's very very little trollish satisfaction to be had compared to even arguing a more mainstream religious view, or going and starting shit on youtube or something.

    It's not that you can't use religion to troll, it's just that it seems like an odd type of religious for a troll to be.
  15. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I agree, it IS curious and weird either way.

    But who seriously thinks he's going to convert people like he did (preaching doom) on a hippie forum? :p
  16. Bud D

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    Not so sure there is a God that cares what people do.

    I do think nukes will be used, not sure by whom first. Russia is scary, China seems to be doing to well to use nukes anytime Pakistan wouldn't either as long as China arms them. Russia could face money problems. There is a Cold War between Russia and the west again. Cold wars use many weapons including economic strategies. As long as money flows people don't want to lose that. I am sure there are many scenarios as to what could start a nuclear conflict. Chances are it won't be a nation that directly uses it, but a proxy system to use a nuke. Using a small armed group to proxy a war or nuke going off somewhere. Seems awfully taboo to use nukes, but some dictators love taboos!
  17. ozjohn39

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    If an 'Islamic (Iranian) Nuke' ever goes off over Israel, then Israel WILL respond by incinerating islam wherever it may be. It will take another 1400 years to recover. 90% of all muslims will die!

    That is why she has 6x nuke cruise missile armed submarines.

  18. Wizardofodd

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    I just can't accept the bible as any sort of indicator as to what has already happened or what will happen in the future. I know a certain friend in this thread will not agree with me regarding its value as a historical document. I respect that opinion and will even go as far as to say that...if anything....there is probably more historical value than future value. But I can't get behind any idea just because the bible says it's true. The bible also said there was a talking snake, etc. etc. etc. So when it comes to serious topics such as thermonuclear world wars....I just can't make it my "go-to" reference.
  19. Tyrsonswood

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    If it's been translated and edited and translated some more before re-editing a bazzilion times... it must be true. The bible.
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