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Discussion in 'The Future' started by deepblue897, Apr 24, 2013.

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    it would know pretty damn quick, but it still does take some time (no matter how small that time is) for your brain to tell your foot its hurting
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    How about this then..

    Neutrino-based communication


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    you know the title of this thread is rediculous. it takes billions of years for a newly formed planet to cool enough for anything to be able to live and grow on it. even plants to form an atmosphere.
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    Have you communicated with your own planet already?
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    i don't know of too many people who have communicated with any old planets lately either.
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    really stupid thread.
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    All planets are old, we are all made from old material. The elements like carbon were formed in a giant fusion reactor that is a star, and when it dies you get a supernova that blasts shitloads of matter and energy out...that's the stuff we're made of.
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    your soul travels at faster then the speed of light, many more times so actually.
    now if we can harness this energy and hit warp drive then fuck ya
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    mars is a new planet, thats why weve started populating it.
    it seems dense with iron oxide , exactly like our earth was before it was blue and green; red.
    so I assume this is the planet chosen for terra-forming, as people I believe are already there.
    Ive heard a legend of the iron oxide on our planet bleeding out from the earth making streams of blood and created the oceans? :confused:
    :iron oxide seems to play a big role in life too..
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    The stuff that dreams are made of...I think that is the title of a book, too....
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    i suppose what somebody may have had in mind, was communicating with people, who would be new to us, because we haven't met them yet, because they live on worlds too far away to get there from here.

    i just think the thread title, is an absurdly ignorant way of putting it.

    as if people didn't realize it takes billions of years, after a planet is formed, before life can begin to develop on it.

    i don't know, maybe some people are that ignorant. it kind of gives me the creeps to think that anyone actually is.
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    Apparently they've got empirically connected data between DNA plausibility and spectral wavelengths for the colour of cloryphill being corespondent with the astro-physical star type. And with that the Higgs boson just finds it's location for the right direction in the astro-physical sky. My guess is: There is something like the massive star type, finding the massive DNA replication (without colour; scientific American wants to just say it was "astro-biology" for the Boson, What do I know?).
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    But the new planet truly forms in the eternal now. We may say there is life for the in specific registered instants, and spans of instants; however no similarity has it's presence for life discovered at one time to another. We don't step in the same stream of evolution twice: like a stream of water.

    Personally, judging from the reading of the "Parmenides' of Plato there is no known quantity of originating points for life; what is knowable is aduced from constantly new spatiality for planets. And again the known is about the eternally NOW, planet.

    Nevertheless, you've got to give modern science the benefit of knowing that there is only one originating point for Life on each of these planets at investigation. And all planets were originally asteroids.
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