Need ideas for learning letters :)

Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by CandiiRainbow, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Hi, my 3 year old has now for a year been very interested in letters,
    she asks about them and we made big letters and put on the wall and have been putting pictures of things starting with that letter and writing the name with it but I need more ideas to learn, games to play or something

    She learned the letter B shortly after her second birthday, it is the first letter in her name and she was pointing at letters in a mall and there was a Burger king near by so I showed her the big B and said "what is this?" and she replied "oooo what is it mom?" staring curiously at it and I said "It's B, B for Bergros" and she was so happy, she still points at B's everywhere and tells everyone that it is B, and that it is her B and for bananas :)

    She then asked more and more about other letters and in the next 6 months she learned that S is for Sandra (my name), G for Gudni (her fathers name), O for Ormur (Icelandic word for worm) and she does not mix those up (though she sometimes says that 5 is S)
    She learned A & E in the end of last year when her little sister was born and (Agnes Eik Eldlilja / Agnes Oak Tigerlily)
    And nearly knows K, M, F, J, but they don't really stick long :)

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    I recommend the website

    Also, play games like bingo, sing letter songs and there's sign language. I'd also get dry erase letter books. There's lots of fun games and space for her to trace, write and erase the numbers, with pictures corresponding to the letter.

    Have a bulletin board, chalk board or dry erase board to collect things that start with a certain letter. Draw pictures of things that start with the letters she is interested in. Follow her lead a bit but make sure she has the ability to get into it if she really wants to. She is still quite young. It could take her a couple years to get into it completely and that would be just fine.
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    here's a game . for each distinctive phonetic sound in your
    language mark the representation of each on a small flat stone .
    now turn them over , mix them up .

    1-5 sounds will make a word .

    every word shall have a meaning . choose I-5 stones to create
    a word .

    hjwio : a Butterfly says I search for a good feeling
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    You can read fairy tales with pictures to your daughter. Try to preview the fairy tales yourself, and pick those that you like. Some fairy tales are much better than others.

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