My first meme

Discussion in 'Meme' started by LezBTrue, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. LezBTrue

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  2. hahaha04

    hahaha04 Whatevers Clever

    it was ok. post more of your meme's.

    sweet pups!
  3. Orison

    Orison my dog is full of stars Staff Member Super Moderator

  4. LezBTrue

    LezBTrue Member

    Thinks. Like i said, it was my first one and i used firefox to help me further my knowledge in css building.

    And i will once i start taking pictures again
  5. I think the first meme I ever saw online was Loituma.
  6. Isadoran

    Isadoran Member

    I love the dogs great meme!

    This is my first meme.
  7. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    It was pretty alright. I think the nice font was distracting though
  8. VioletJourney

    VioletJourney Member

    Pretty cute! Love the dogs.
  9. trapstar69

    trapstar69 Banned

    plz take to /b/
  10. Mike53052

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