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  1. What are your thoughts on the Montessori method of teaching? Are there other methods that are of interest?

    I myself enjoy the Montessori method, and when we are blessed with a child, Jesse and I plan on teaching our child with these methods.

    If you are unfamiliar with this education option , you can read much about it here:
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    my grand kids go to a waldorf school in Canada.......i know my 6 year old in sk makes veggie soup from scratch every Wednesday...the parents are really close knit and they[3] seem to be thriving from the environment
  3. very interesting! although a bit too 'spiritual' for my tastes, still seems like a better alternative than public school to be sure! (or catholic ! )
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    Montessori is great for some children. Children who have difficulties focusing or need extreme structure to their lives will not do well with this type of schooling. Also, from my experience these types of schools do not follow federal education laws. If you live in a Title 1 school district you are able to check the neighborhood school data. If the school is a failing school, then you have the right to send your child to a better school. The school choice law falls under the NCLB law.
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    the father of sociology
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    I will be sending my Lil One to a Montessori school this fall :) in addition to a home study curriculum.
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    As a former Montessori teacher of three-to-six year olds, I highly recommend your child be exposed to this awesome method of teaching.

    Best for the basics, recently Montessori has expanded thru 12th grade levels with some success. I found children at the age level I was responsible for WANTED to learn. They were eager to absorb the knowledge of the lessons they learned from playing with the various teaching tools in the Montessori environment.

    The Montessori class is controlled chaos, with everyone exploring whatever they like, and the teacher would rotate amongst the students sparking interest here and there, explaining as needed, and showing by example. Remarkably the kids kept themselves busy and their was little conflict.

    I learned as much from them as they did from us. :)
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    Awesome necrothread, Chris. ;)

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