Monk meditated while he burned himself, how did he do it?.

Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by air_, Oct 27, 2017.

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    I saw in the news a buddhist monk that burned himself because he was protesting and just sat there burning until he was dead. He did not move or scream. Then a different guy I saw online was only set aflame a tiny bit with only 15% of his body and was running around screaming.

    So how do the monks do this? Anything you can think of please such as how to think like a monk and how to meditate and have certain thoughts to reduce pain? Anything would be of great help as I have cancer and can't wait to practice your advice.

    Thank You very much.
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    I found this on reddit and would like to know is there anything similar to this way of thinking?

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    I think that it just comes from years and years of practicing mindfulness. try looking up some guided mindfulness meditations. you can find lots of options on youtube or through various smartphone apps.
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    Or check out my new rock'n'roll band "Burning Buddha."
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    Burning yourself to death is really dangerous. At about 400 degrees your nerve endings are killed and the pain stops, but the results are all too obvious. The human body uses pain to prevent you from compounding an injury, causing you to rest in order to give you body the best chances of recovery and finally rendering you unconscious in its final attempts for your survival. Cutting off pain is like taking the batteries out of a smoke alarm and forgetting that your house is still on fire. In situations such as yours, you can only trust your doctors to control your pain to produce the best balance between suffering pain and a successful recovery. However, do not be afraid to ask for expert opinions on the subject, since doctors who are expert at treating your condition may not be expert on controlling the pain that you are suffering.
    I hope that my somewhat light hearted (but medically accurate) answer is of some sort of help in improving your understanding of the situation and looking in the best directions for further help. Kindest Regards, Wills
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    Understatement of the year LOL.
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    Sorry to hear that you are going through this

    We have a cancer forum here, but there isn't much traffic. You still might want to check it out
    Cancer: There is Hope

    I recommend that you check out acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It could help a lot with pain, and, along with conventional cancer treatments, help treat your cancer.

    Meditation can certainly be something powerful. There are many different styles, I can't recommend any particular style, but their pretty much all good.
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