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    Some people advocate buying expensive heaters to heat your rig. If you're on a low budget, heating your rig can be as simple as getting a clay flower pot and turning it upside down over one of your camp stove burners.

    If you happen upon some solar stake lights at a dollar store like I did, that same clay flower pot will make a great holder for those as well.

    Here's some examples:
  2. Camper_Bob

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    It's always nice to have lights at night. I like the portable solar powered portable lanterns myself. They can be used both indoors and out, and since they're not bolted down, you can take the light to where you need it.

    Mine are dimmable, which is handy, and also have AM/FM radios in them. Besides solar they can be charged by a hand crank, or plugged into a cigarette lighter. Truly versatile.

    I also keep a strap on head lamp handy, and besides it's obvious uses, it can be turned into an area light by strapping it to a gallon jug filled with water.

    Here's some pics:
  3. Camper_Bob

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    You can place 2 x 7 gallon rectangular jerry can style water jugs in about the same amount of floor space as a single 5 gallon jug.

    If you paint one of them black and leave it in the sun, you will have solar heated hot water. Inside in the sun works too.
  4. Camper_Bob

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    If you need more than the simple spray bottles can provide, here's another system that I use.

    Take a cheapie doggie wash style hand held shower head, and 2 bulb type siphon hose/pumps. I got all 3 at the dollar store. I then purchased 12 feet of clear heavy vinyl tubing at the hardware store. About 5 feet from the end of the hose, I inserted one of the bulb siphon pumps, and then another one on the long end followed by the shower head. Insert the other end into your water supply, and you can operate it either by the hand pump located at the shower head, or by the foot pump located on the floor. Just make sure you insert the bulbs in the correct direction, and you'll have a pretty fool proof system. This can be used for both a sink, or for a shower, and both hand and foot pumps will always work, so you can readily switch between the two for your convenience. You can create simple hands free mounts beside your sink and in your shower if you choose. I have a simple U shaped rope handle on my shower head, so I can easily hang it over either the sink or my shower, if I want hands free operation.

    Save the second half of the doggie shower, it will double for what is frequently called a "Water Thief" which will let you hook up to irregular, stripped, or non-threaded faucets to help you fill your water jugs.
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    A simple 7-day extreme ice chest can be used for your refrigeration needs, here's a couple of helpful hints:

    A) Use a big block of ice rather than the cubes, it usually costs the same but will last much longer.

    B) If you cut the top off from a 5 gallon water jug and place your big block of ice in that, it will contain the melted water and keep your food dry.
  6. Logan 5

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    I used 3 soup cans & a small square sheet of metal instead of a clay pot. Already have the cans and square heat treated to remove any contaminants or toxins.
    Instead of painting the water jugs black you can wrap them in agricultural irrigation plastic. I think it's about 10 mil or so, fairly thick & ultra heavy duty. It works great.

    Coming up soon I'm hoping to get me a cab-over camper. Get that fixed up and WHEN (not IF) I end up homeless again, I'll have that. If all else fails I hope to have at least a camper shell for my truck. Something is better than nothing.
  7. Camper_Bob

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    Thanks for the tips, got any pictures? They can help a lot sometimes.
  8. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    No pics, sorry.
  9. kenwilkes

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    I keep a spray bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide handy. Great for doing the dishes. Learned this from some oldtimers I camp with. Save water anytime you can but never skimp on clean.
  10. odonII

    odonII O

    No vehicle ( or license )
    I do have a job - but not regular work at the moment.
    I don't live in a house.

    I'm thinking, to get me on the road would cost a few thousand pounds.

    I guess I was wondering if you put things in place over time while working and then set off.
  11. Logan 5

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    Well, trying to get a cabover camper, will need some work done to it. Bought my house backn in 2012, and though I've made all the payments (early, in fact), they're threatening me with foreclosure. So I may end up going homeless again.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    If You Are Ahead With Your Payments, How Can They Foreclose...:confused:

    Cheers Glen.
  13. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    That has been happening in the US for a few years now. It's something the lenders can do, and unless you have lots of money to hire a lawyer, there's not much that you can do about it.

    So far it's just threats.
  14. Camper_Bob

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    Thanks for the tip, I'd never heard that one before. I just use my dishsoap mix on the dishes, and they seem to come out squeaky clean.
  15. Camper_Bob

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    Yeah, save up and get a van, put a bed and a portable toilet in it, then add things as the funds become available, and before you know it you'll have a full fledged camper van.
  16. Camper_Bob

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    Well, now that just sucks. I think I'd call your congress critter and ask for help. I had a neighbor going through a similar situation a couple years ago, and the congress critter really helped them out with resources, and even filed an injunction against the bank on their behalf. Saved their house!

    Still always good to be prepared though, cause you just never know what disaster might hit. A friend came home to a missing cabin one day. Tornado I reckon.
  17. Pyke13

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    Hy here, keep the info coming please. Im in scotland and going to be on the road by the start of august, my lease is up n cant get a house with out giving up my dog!
    Is there any pics of the wolf?
  18. Pyke13

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    Have you ever used a wood burning stove in any of your vans? Most fulltimers here have one
  19. oldwolf

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    rotflmao.Being of Scottish ancestry I be hoping someday to visit there though I hear understanding to be a might difficult till one gets used to the queens english being subverted to keep their noses out o our business.
    oldwolf is a name I took long ago explaining to my kids how you run for along time; being almost 40 at the time I said I was like an oldwolf who could keep on going because he did not try to sprint.
    And I keep the peeps guessing on just who I am because I like my privacy. Not that I don't share with people whom I get to know, but have always asked them to respect my privacy - and they have.
    I have a personal forum in which I have shared my journey through life, and old friends have recognized me from information therein. My emails have been in the public domain here on hipforums for the last 15 years (in my sig, along with links to my journals and personal forum).
    Be heading into the mountains in a few days and won't be back online for a month and then heading back East to tie up loose ends there so that no one has to clean up after me and then hope to be in S.A. by winter solstice.
    I've used a wood burning stove , but of course it's not able to be used in a moving vehicle and using it sure does put a kabosh on trying not to let people know you're living in your vehicle. I personally spend most of my time off grid, and so do not have to be secretive or worry about being rousted by the constabulary. Most of the time I seldom am seen by others.

    I live right now in a Subaru legacy outback - which, as Bob mentioned, makes his place seem palatial in comparison. If you can get a van they are much more comfortable than a station wagon.

    Good luck , living in a vehicle can be fun and liberating, but nothing is so liberating as a positive set of mind.
  20. Camper_Bob

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    Sorry, no pics of my long time traveling companion, I lost everything when my steppy got stolen in Quartzite after that. But he still lives on in memories!:sunny:

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