marijuana legalization/decriminalization

Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by dreamergirl, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Jointman69

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    now thats some fucked up shit.

    kitty fabulous,
    simply because of marijuanas illegality it is closely identified to the hard drugs. In my health class in a public highschool last year it was me and a bunch of my friends(known potheads and cigerette smokers) and our teacher spent the entire course focusing on how marijuana and tobacco were bad. we learned absolutely nothing about sexual education like pregnancy and STDs, and we didnt learn anything about social situations other then if you smoke pot or drink alcohol you are going to be a loser. Because schools are government institutions they use the propangnda that the government wants them to use. Im trying homeschool this year and retaking health because I(along with many others) failed the state given exam because of our faulty teacher. My health lessons are given by its a wonderful class because im now learnign about social situations/interactions, sexual education, community status and metal/physical/emotional health. I suggest if you ever let your kids go to public school to be sure you know what their teachers are talking about and that you fill your kids in on the real truths.
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    HA, I go to an Art school and roughly a third of the teachers are stoners, or suspected stoners. My French teacher dropped a joint infront of us, our Drama teacher talks openly about, my Art teacher leaves the class for half hours in the middle, another geography teacher is frequently seen in the "back of the field" with the other stoners. My friend's science teacher taught them how to make moonshine.

    Your own teacher could be one of these xD Remember that teachers have opinions too. But do be careful, and inform your parents about the topic of your paper before your teacher does.
  3. WildChild67

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    joker man, i totally agree with you... i was just reading through random stuff and came upon this. props to you. free speech :)
  4. PokeSmot

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    haha yeah my senior high english teacher was definately toking up.

    but i don't see why it shouldn't be made like a combination of cigs and alcohol...just make the age to possess it 18, and make it illegal to do while driving
  5. why shouldn't you write a paper on drugs? it's an easy A if you write about what you know.

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