Mantis Children

Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by Spagelo, Aug 22, 2015.

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    What if your child (or children) morphed into a gigantic version of a praying mantis? How would you react? What would it mean for you and your child's future? How would you take care of your mantis child? What would happen to their education? How would you communicate? How would their (and your) daily life change? How would their social life change? How would the government deal with this situation? Would your child still be considered a person and citizen of your country? What would you feed them? How would you explain sex? How would you know what their sexuality is, whether they were gay or straight? What do you think your child would think about being a giant mantis?
  2. I'minmyunderwear

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    i would wait 8 hours for the shrooms to wear off.
  3. I'll never have to worry about it. My children are all stuffed teddy bears.
  4. rollingalong

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    i already have mantis childrn and let me tell'ya they are no fucking picnic

    2 of them I have stuck with giant pushpins up against the barn
  5. But they will eat harmful insects, and they can lift more than their own weight.

    All my bears want to do is eat tons of sweet stuff and sleep.
  6. BlackBillBlake

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    If I had a mantis boy, I'd take him aside and tell him in a very fatherly way 'beware of the ladies son, they'll eat you alive'.
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  7. themnax

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    you and they would learn to communicate the same way any child and parent would. unless you panniked. of course if you were the only family this happened to, it would be the same like if your child were born missing an arm or a leg or something. not that it would be a complete analogy, because rather then being handicapped physically, it would be socially. that is, if this experience were unique to your own family.

    the one thing i would worry about with a mantis, well depends on how big they grew how soon, but you might have to convince them not to eat you.

    (oddly enough i do know of an artist who has a mantis 'sona)

    there's another aspect to this i find interesting, in response to what we're doing to the planet, maybe the only way our descendents will survive is to again grow fur, tails and more animal like faces.
    in which case we're not talking about a single isolated instance, but of course a process that takes many generations, but each of those generations looking more like other kinds of creatures then our current selves.

    the furry, being the 'meek', in otherwords, who 'inhieret' the earth (what we've left of it, that requires them to be come so in order to)
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  8. desert-rat

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    I am more worried about these black eyed kids people talk about.
  9. magickman

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    If he was big enough, I'd ask him for a ride around the yard.
  10. Irminsul

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    I like the mantis I think they're really cute. Very alien like but whenever I get them I put them in the garden somewhere but I only like the green ones not the other stick looking ones. I don't ever see them do very much.
  11. farmerdon

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    one place where there were thousands of mantis was in a paper mill, in the bark pile...

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