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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by PiscesMoon18, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Hello all.
    I'm new to this forum, and this is actually my very first post. I have a question for anyone who is interested, just curious as to what others thoughts or experiences are on the topic, particularly fellow Libra Sun people...

    I'm a Libra Sun, however I find that I tend to act more like a Scorpio most of the time. Given, I do have multiple other planets in Scorpio in my Birth Chart (Mercury, Mars and Pluto), but I always seem to hit it off with Scorpios and other people always peg me as a Scorpio when guessing my sign. I don't feel like a Libra at all, to be honest. Nothing I read about Libras seems to click with me, yet most Scorpio definitions seem dead on.

    Are there any other Libra Suns who feel more like Scorpios, or who always seem to be attracted to Scorpio people?
  2. Allisuunshine

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    Im a Libra I don't feel that way, but its very common for Libras to get along with Scorpios one of mh my best friends are one.
  3. rollingalong

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    we don't get many people that believe in astrology here anymore......why would we?...its not real


  4. happilyinlove

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    I enjoy Scorpios - nice people. They get a pretty bad wrap though, just misunderstood. My dad's a Scorpio.
  5. JasmineZ

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    Im Scorpio thanks happilyinlove
  6. Im a scorpio! And my ex is a libra.. We were together 7 years. We had a great partnership!
    But im drawn more to the Mayan astrology. I had a chart done a couple of years ago and im a road sign - the sign matched me down to a Tee.

    I find I get along with all signs. I dont think you can sum up a person just by their star sign.. My sister on the other hand will ask a guy their sign on a first date and proceed from there. Which I think is quite ludicrous!
  7. rollingalong

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    yes...because signs have no bearing on anything what so ever
  8. My bf is a scorpio.
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  9. saturnisking

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    do you know your whole chart? also, I feel that way too sometimes, but I'm born on a cusp (october 21)
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    I'm the 22 of October and according to my chart I was about 12 minutes away from being born a Scorpio. Then I have a few planets in Scorpio including Pluto which is ruled by Scorpio. I joke and say I am a lorpio or a scibra. I completely understand where you are coming from. I have all the charm, social butterfly-ness, desire for beauty and laid back personality of a Libra with all the inner musings, sexuality, and intensity of a Scorpio. it can be confusing.
    I eventually just tattooed the glyph for Libra on my left wrist and the glyph for Scorpio on my right and now I'm just in between.
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    There is something to astrology. Doesn't matter if science hasn't been able to detect it. Getting current scientific validation for astrology is like getting a turkey (real turkey) recipe from PETA. It ain't gonna happen.

    I read a book that dealt some with recent practice of ancient vedic astrology... its a vast and complex subject, and I have the utmost respect for it and the very few people that know it. I don't claim to know much about it, but there is a lot of ancient wisdom that has been largely lost and misinterpreted and diluted.

    If everything is connected, and we are unimaginably tiny in this universe, and yet come from and connected to it, then how hard is it to imagine that the vastness of the universe and everything that makes it and upholds it is inextricably linked to you and me.

    Do you believe in miracles?
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  13. Candybuttons

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    I’m a Libra with a bit of Virgo and I find myself often connecting with other virgos and Libras the most out of all other signs. I really like Leo’s though and I would love one night in bed with one lol
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  14. I used to think I was a Pisces. Now I don't really believe my star sign has any significance. Biologically I don't think there's any difference in my genes than someone who was born at a different time. Psychologically I think there might be subtle differences, but nothing really dramatically different about me compared to say a Sagittarius or a Gemini or a Leo.
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    Virgo, Capricorn rising. Very Earthy...My New Age therapist back in the 90s said I was what's known as the "Radical Virgo".
    No that's not a bad thing. Leo is shut out of my chart and my wild personality is me looking for my inner Leo that is lost. Maybe she was right.

    Chinese Astrology= The Dragon.
    I've no doubt about that. Pretty clear-cut.
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    according to todays newspaper....

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