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Discussion in 'People' started by Ashalicious, Apr 14, 2015.

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    I do like Bruce Jenner, though. He won a gold medal, yes...but he also seems cursed.....lost his brother to a car accident....and someone died in a car accident he was involved with this involved with that sick family for the most part.....and seems to be a female trapped in a male body. I have never seen him speak disingenuiously...He was in the same school as Stan here...and they played on the same fields together when they were younger at I am going to watch the show about him on Friday.
  2. Ashalicious

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    I have a thing for train wrecks. Lindsay Lohan types. I don't know what it is about them.....
  3. Ashalicious

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    Oh is that on friday? This friday? What network? I haven't heard anything about that interview, but I would like to watch it. I want to hear his side of the story.
  4. Pengu

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    I would think it's just jealousy.
    Number one: she's pretty hot
    number two: she became popular from the reality show
    A lot of people don't like the fact that the whole family got so popular just from the show.

    I don't hate her myself. Although, I can see she clearly loves being wanted etc. Due to her sex tape, her modeling and over all her behavior in front of the camera.

    Over all, people tend to do things because other people do them. In this case, you hear people hating on her, so in turn, they will begin to hate her too.
    Snowball affect.
  5. Moonglow181

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    I don't know......It was in the newspaper. i do not have a tv guide......I will investigate further on Firday to see what time it is googling or something...or reading the newspaper that day that has the tv guide in it always for the day.
    All i know is that he is being interviewed by Diane Sawyer this coming Friday evening for now....and it will be televised, and maybe it is prerecorded. I have no does not matter.
  6. guerillabedlam

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    One of the more appaling things she's done imo is naming her child "North West".
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  7. Marshall Kohl

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    Because she is brave enough to ignore haters in a very calm manner :)
  8. Asmodean

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    When a person happens to have them ignoring haters has more to do with being pragmatic. Ignoring anything is not particularly brave. Actively trying to becomie the biggest attention whore in the world however can be seen as an attempt one needs to be a bit brave for. But all it really seems to take is a strong urge, a big ego and some luck.
  9. aleigh24024

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    AHHHH yes i agree lol, she needs to go away.
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  10. PDeanie

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    Don't know don't care I'd still bang her she is major submissive
  11. Debategirl782

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    Because shes famous for being famous! She has no talent.
    Kim is very annoying. Why does she talk in a baby voice all the time.
    She love herself. Very vain.
  12. She just named her new baby Saint.

    Probably because her ex, Reggie Bush, used to play for the New Orleans Saints when they were together, and she was thinking about him when Kanye fucked her.

    [*drops microphone*] I'm out.
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  13. YouFreeMe

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    People need someone to talk about!
  14. Asmodean

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    They must have empty lives themselves and like to see and talk about someone like them who actually managed to 'made it'. My suspicion.
  15. hotwater

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  16. lol

    Now, picture those 2 when she is 40-50; they won't be putting 'those two ' on any TMZ websites.
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  17. hotwater

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    Shopping spree includes the purchase of specially wide modified chairs to encompass her bodacious rear-quarter [​IMG]

  18. Does she need to pay for two seats on the plane?

    I guess they can count as carry ons' and first class usually has wider seats.

    But then again, she may just pull out the nozzle and deflate them a bit in order to fit between the armrests.

    Must sound like two balloons rubbing against each other.

    The zingers are endless :D I guess she does pose some credible point in life; that of jokes to makes us all laugh on the ridiculousness that some go too for fame and notoriety.
  19. Ashalicious

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    I can't believe this thread is still going. This reinforces the point I made in my original post, that people really do LOVE to hate this woman.
  20. badphotoguy

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    I'm not a big fan of her, but I do think she is attractive.


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