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Discussion in 'The Future' started by DarkSideOfTheMoon94, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Well, I just had this thought, and I figured I'd share it. The world is in pretty bad shape right now, with the conflicts between police and protesters or Russia and China expanding, the conflicts of Middle East between the United States and several "terrorist" organizations and the conflicts over "holy land" like Israel, and it goes on and on really. Well the point im getting to is, I feel like its time for us as a family on this planet to start finally looking past our differences and come together and start loving one another. And i think the best way to do that is another summer of love to set an example to the rest of the world to come together before we blow each other apart, and as a U.S. citizen that has always felt like the U.S. was out there trying to free people in the name of democracy and freedom (far from the truth, and if you still think so you've been tricked) for the most part of my life, I would love it to start the love vibration that sets everyone free here in the U.S. But even if it didn't start here, I would really just be happy if it started somewhere Im just tired of people not getting along is all. I don't know, just a thought..[​IMG]
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  2. themnax

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    i think the only reason we don't have peace, is because there are people who think it would be bad for their business if we did.

    of course a culture of romantacizing aggressiveness instead of creativity and especially consideration, isn't helping.

    but its how considerate we are or aren't of each other, that has more to do with the kind of world we experience, then how we feel about each other emotionally.

    i mean not that they're unrelated, just that they're not completely joined at the hip either.

    summer of love happened, because it was one of those rare instances where people were looking forward.

    i do think people had a good idea then, and its not one we should throw away now.
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  3. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    the difference between then and now, was not one of demographics alone. though that may have contributed also to the other important aspect.
    it was about looking forward instead of back.
    people have always looked back. and that's fine. up to a point. as long as backward doesn't become the only direction in which you look.

    i see an ecopocalypse as a very probable future.
    unlike distopian fanatics, i see it not as an end, but as a beginning.
    those who inherent the earth, might not be any meeker then any small random sampling today.
    but in order to survive, they will have to pull their heads out of the asses dominating human culture today.
    particularly the societal romanticizing and rewarding of aggressiveness, in all its many and multiferius forms, greed and prejudice of every sort among them.

    humanity can and will change. is constantly, however incrementally, in fact changing.
    we may even change enough to avoid ecopocalypse entirely.
    though we won't avoid it by business as usual, putting our heads in the sand, and trying to pretend it can't, won't or isn't happening.

    we my be physically changed to some degree, as well as mentally and emotionally.

    the future isn't a the. its a bell curved hill of probabilities. one of a diverser range then the box into which we have allowed ourselves and our thinking to become stiltified.
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  4. meeses

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    Being from Canada, i never wanted or ever did set foot in the US. My wife and daughters did but i swore i'd never cross that border in my life time... but seeing your post, makes me think differently :)
  5. Tyrsonswood

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    You won't cross the border in 2-3 lifetimes?
  6. meeses

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    There's so much going on, we'll never know to what extent....but i think your feeing is getting out like, widespread throughout the world.... eventually we'll get there but people will suffer in the meantime
  7. neonspectraltoast

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    It's already started. It's always happening. For some reason we just currently aren't giving each other any credit. Your heroes of love are still around, all over the place. But they're not being seen. We've blown the past so out of proportion nothing can ever live up to our idea of it. But those people of the past weren't any smarter or better than us. They were just people. Where has our humanity gone? Are some people really so special that in order to be special you must be famous? You want to be a part of something special, just take a look around you. I don't want to say "let the love in begin" because I'm really not a hippy. I just consider myself some kind of abstract being. But I'm reasonable. I don't want to fight.
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  8. meeses

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    Nice NEON, some day maybe some will get it. I don't remember going to work "groutchy", ever. Happyness comes from within and hopefully we can spread it outward.... just saying
  9. I agree with neon. But there has to be singular leader to pull everyone together, i dont agree with authority, but i do agree with leadership. And there is a huge difference between a leader and a boss, and there are ALOT of bosses, just people that are power hungry, but actually very scared of something. But can you not almost feel the anticipation of everyone, waiting for a voice. Because, unfortunately, the price of a soap box is fame now a days. People listen to the Kardashians, hell the show literally changed the phrase "keeping up with the joness" from joness to kardashians. The mainstream society actually wants to be like those fame whores. And you've got people like trump that people want as president, he literally doesn't give a fuck about anything but money. The american government cares more about tax payers and workers than people, and if you can guarantee someone a job to get them out of the huge amount of debt that capitalism leads to, they'll put you in office, i dont care if you scarified babies all your life and everyone knows it, they'd put you in there. A thats not okay! I dont know guys, this world is pretty hard to handle. And glad you might come see the states meeses, not everyone is friendly here, and most are pretty arrogant, but the really nice people are quite the diamonds in the rough i must say. Really obsessed with christianity and hardcore souther patriotism where im from, although i dont fit that mold whatsoever(although i cant get enough of working for mca by skynyrd :guitarist: ). There is a lot of potential here in the US but were just too oppressed by big business honestly.
    But i guess ill end my ramble there, peace and love to all!
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  10. themnax

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    there doesn't need to be a single leader, there wasn't in the 60s either, but rather a catalyst of activism, with many leaders. and there is. you won't see it on the evening news. but you can find it on line and in real life. its real and its picking up momentum. if it was one leader, it would be something a government or consortum of economic interest could stamp out. but that isn't going to happen no matter how hard they try. there are trends going in all directions all the time. and of course there will always be painful defeats. but also myraculous successes. and we're having those too. and people who aren't seeing them, just aren't knowing where to look. and of course the corporate agenda isn't going to tell them where they can see it. but oh yes, it is very much there.

    and of course that's another thing, no 'side' ever dies out completely either.
  11. meeses

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    Well, let's say that I agree with you but there are dark forces out there in control (somewhat) of society as a whole. Sad but true, the problem is no one cares, too busy with daily troubles.

    There's a school in lock down (near my town, young man walking around with a loaded rifle) as I'm writing this here and it seems too common these days throughout America... north or south. I don't know about Europe. Let's say governments don't call the shots and the ones that do are... I would say "untouchable". Crimes within cities, wars of nations, conspiracies (most well known), corruptions up the ying yang, financial system (not working),DEEP black budgets ( universe research and exploration),poverty (on purpose), catastrophic natural tragedies ( many man made), disruption between religions ( thus causing wars), demons and angels, working crazy hours to make ends meet and the owner of the company makes millions,lack of love in humans, etc,etc. You catch my drift!

    You are right and it's time for humans on this planet as a whole to change and for the better. It's the only choice, really. Cheers!
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