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Discussion in 'Activism' started by madman32x, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. madman32x

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    Why are people so comfortable with staying at home and just being lazy?
    I wish people would stand up for what they believe, and stop being so careless and apathetic. People always say how they hate the government, they hate this or that... but they will never do anything to change it.

    I, myself often act this way. I'm aggravated by it. I think I'm just a very unproductive, lazy person. This is probably one of my biggest problems.
    I think I could be such a better person If I would put my heart to things more, and get things done. But the problem is I'm just not motivated to spend my time doing anything.
  2. Anaximenes

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    They're waiting and looking for justice like their parents inbread into their thoughts at need preparatory to Life on the outside. Justice in the past was to be realized upon the self-discovery within the social/human contacts of a responsible existence. No longer, that is available for all the reasons of faking and evading the nature of fulfillment. Human nature from the economy and social progress is replaced by the human nature of ordinary love and nourishment of personal trust in a relationship, where the fulfillment is. So I write this splurge denying it even the human nature of proper paragraph development...:sunny:
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    I'm lazy... lets correct the Sociology of the world. I'm ambitious to hear from the book store manager: why all the books on virtue on the shelves when none of this is taught in schools? I notice there are books book room in the school's which predict the political interest in changing interest rates. Now that no one has to stop any sort of inflation.
  4. Alanimium

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    Because people got used to it. If you get used to something then ofcourse you will be comfortable with it.

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