If Your Thinking Of Buying A Strat

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Mallyboppa, Oct 23, 2016.

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    I Found Him Rather Annoying.......[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
  3. Tyrsonswood

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    And.... Over 70% of Fender Custom Shop guitars are made with off the rack standard parts.
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    And here is a simple song to learn on one...


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    and you will never be this guy...

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    I wish I had a Strat again. Didn't see that coming.
    Just got my ZVEX Fuzz Factory pedal today. That thing is unruly, like a 6yo. with ADHD!
    they said it takes some getting used to, so you can control it. That is true. Using a whammy with that pedal is just rad!!!
  7. magickman

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    saw a vid recently on the difference between Mexican and American Strats.
    The guy basically said you save a lot of money buying a Mexican one, but good enough quality.
    My only complaint, is that he said the tailpiece of the Mexican one was partially made of potmetal. As much as like to use a whammy, that won't cut it.
    So if you lean on your whammy a lot, an American might be worth it in the long run, IMO.
    Unless you use a trem pedal. There are a couple that seem to work well out there now. The group "Fuzz" uses one that's pretty good.
  8. Reverand JC

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    The great part about Fenders and Strat's in particular is since they are essentially produced in the old school assembly line process they are easy to customize. Claptons famous Strat "Blackie" was made of parts from about 6 Strats that he bought at once. John Entwistle had a bass that he used for years that was built from parts of various basses he smashed on stage:


    Rev J
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  9. magickman

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    I also realized that one could put an American tailpiece on and save some money. That might be the idea way to go.
    A question for you- notice the piece on the headstock that holds the string down...I told a dealer that I didn't like those on a guitar (was looking at a new Strat), he got mad and walked away when I told him why.
    I have an Ibanez that is set up like that, and the damn string buzzes there. I found a small roller assembly online that can be used to correct this, but I don't see it working well with a whammy.
    Of course the Strat is likely a better (by far) quality than the Ibanez, so maybe I judged too quickly. :23:
  10. Reverand JC

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    ^^ You should try a mid 70s "Lawsuit" Ibanez. That was during th CBS Fender years when they were really putting out shit instruments.

    I have a Steve Bailey Jazz bass. Since it was the only legit 6 String Bass Fender put out I think the only off the rack part on it is the tuners.

    Rev J
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  11. Ged

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    I tried a top end Yamaha Pacifica in the shop and it sounded and played better than the entry level Strats they had so I bought the Yamaha,which was also a little cheaper.The Strat is a great brand but you are partially paying for.the name imo.
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  12. magickman

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    Yamaha does make some fine guitars for the money.
    I can just hear my friends though, "did you get that free with a new Motorcycle"?
  13. Reverand JC

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  14. Scratched

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    Just picked up a Jaguar a few weeks ago. I love that thing. May switch pickups at some point but it fits perfectly.
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    This is nice

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