I Heard Taylor Swift Could Not Get Married Or Have Children

Discussion in 'People' started by nanettetron, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. nanettetron

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    A while back I heard that Taylor Swift was engaged and then she broke it off. Everyone was talking about it and so excited.

    Now I heard that Taylor Swift Can not get married and not have any children. Get a load of that. She says she can have children , but she
    can't. Prove that you can get married and have children Taylor Swift . The word is you can not.

    She had a boyfriend that she was engaged to a long time ago and she used him and he got mad and cursed her. He helped her with everything
    and was engaged to be married to her and she stepped all over her . She was so greedy she chose her career over the marriage.
    She could have had both. So, this man cursed her to be barren and never to be able to conceive or get married. How do you like
    that? She believes firmly that she can conceive and have children but her old boyfriends wrath has had its way in her life.

    Mean lady cursing her men and doing them wrong. I guess her sins finally caught up with her.
    She is spoiled and mean anyway. She doesn't deserve to get married or have children.
    Well that is all for now. Hot off the news.
  2. Piaf

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  3. AceK

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    why does she need to have kids? do u know how old taylor swift is? shes younger than me, and probably doesnt need to get married yet either.

    idk man, ask her to marry you ... i bet she has twitter ;)
  4. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    ^I'd marry her. She can bake, has money, and we're the same age.
  5. Lol, she's greedy becuase she doesnt want to give up all the millions in earnings, jetsetting lifestyle, all the adoring fans....to become barefoot and pregnant?

    I hope the OP isnt female
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  6. NoxiousGas

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    only two things to say about that;
    1) uhmmm. who really gives a flyin' fuck about it?????
    2) have you gone off your meds again?
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. AceK

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    i really think i saw a post exactly like this a few months ago ... i must have a lot of deja vu.
  9. Fairlight

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    This is a very important issue.Taylor is the only eligible woman in town.What are the chances of propagation of the species without access to her eggs?
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  10. Orison

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  11. nanettetron

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    Okay I was off my meds when I wrote my last few topics. So so sorry, I will get right back on my meds and write better stuff.
  12. Haters gonna hate hate hate
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  13. Terrapin2190

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    Talor who? Can't have what now??
  14. http://youtu.be/uCQuwZUWCuI
  15. 0uthab0x

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    HAHAHA. ..shuddup !
  16. ElEyeJaw

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    It's a sad day when people show more concern for the lives of celebrities, than they do towards their own lives.
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  17. Ashalicious

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    I can't even....
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  20. Mattekat

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    Cursed wombs are just the worst

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