how long will america last

Discussion in 'The Future' started by Mynameisluke, Jul 4, 2008.

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    A hostile occupation of the U.S. would definitely fail horribly. The U.S. may expire it's funds, though, and collapse
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    i dont know about you, but most people i know, here in america, are self destructive.
    So why not think that the country will self-destruct, if the people are already doing so on their own leisure time?

    and the whole is only as good as it's parts.
  3. Doubt it... But then again the government and the dang NRA is going to blow this Nation up with all the nukes and atom bombs... =\
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    alright, my guess would be self-destruction and anarchy, but ultimatly i really don't care. if it comes to the actual question "will america fall?" well duh eventually it willl just like everything else.
  5. Harpo

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    Are we there yet?
  6. Tyrsonswood

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  7. themnax

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    america will be, and is, playing the key roll in its own future demise. no external invasion is likely to be a significant factor. environmental reality and deliberate ignorance there of, are far more likely to do so. (the timetable though, is a complete roll of the dice) a time may relatively soon come, when anyone still alive, will have more immediate and personal concerns, then to give a dam, whether ANY, nation stands or falls.
  8. themnax

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    i can tell you how long it won't last, and that is for ever.

    i can also tell you that the hand the will fell it is not external, nor is it liberal.

    that which pretends to call itself conservative is the rot at the root, and the process of distruction, well there have been processes of distruction and construction going on side by side from the very beginning, but in the last 3 decades, the process of deconstruction has surged ahead. citizens united is perhaps all but the final nail in the coffin, though the corps still shows deadly signs of life.

    really today's america IS a zombie of the america i grew up in. which was neither consrvative nor christion, but a 50/50 mix in each case. mccarthyism forshadowed todays doom. hitler blamed the jews, mccarthy blamed the marxists, and today its the muslims who are being scapegoated. in evey instance it was those who were doing the scapegoating and pointing the fingers who were really to blame for everything they pointed their fingers of acusation at anyone who clung to honesty and logic.
  9. I do feel that America as a country, as a government as well as its economical status will fall and is falling. I dont know that another country will take over however I do think that there are a select few of countries that could possibly take that position.
    I think that America has gotten lazy and depend too much on foreign products, foreign manufacturing, always wanting someone else to do it for cheaper.
    We have lost the motivation and that drive to provide for ourselves. If the jobs are not going over seas then they are being substituted with computers. Do people not realize that the population is growing not shrinking? More people means more people needing to do their part instead we give them ways to make excuses not to work and not to contribute. But thats a whole new soap box. Ultimately we will be our own downfall. We can stop it...but will we?
  10. themnax

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    you've got it 2/3rds right, but makework isn't the answer. we're not only throwing away our own self sufficiency, but robbing the rest of the world of being able to keep and develop theirs.

    clearly this IS an unstable situation, and one that isn't going to be solved the way hitler attempted to either. by making a vassle of the rest of the planet.

    but the hard way isn't, as you seem to imply, the only way.
    there's nothing wrong with keeping people from starving, that's one of the few good things governments are for, as long as they can.

    but of course they can't for ever. you're right that there's no output without input, but there's nothing wrong with mechanically easing the burden. only with easing it by robbing someone somewhere else.
  11. outthere2

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    The cause of America's reliance on foreign manufacturing is not laziness but economic policy. The US used to impose tarriffs on imported goods which protected American manufacturing jobs.

    Globalism has changed that. As a result we're witnessing legalized economic treason whereby US investors invest in some far off country and then sell foriegn manufactured products back to the US. That would have been viewed as a form of treason not very long ago.

    The human constructed global economic system (policy) is brought to us by and serves the purposes of the global capitalists; they're not patriotic.
  12. themnax

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    i don't think protectionist teriffs were the best way to go.
    (though they DID keep jobs from being shipped off shore wholsale, i have to give them credit for that)
    internationalization of trade unions would have been better.
    or teriffs based on how much forign workers are cheated by international corporations out of a living wage maybe.

    but that last line is absolutely dead on accurate. corporations don't give no more a shit about big countrys where they come from, then the little countries they've been robbing from for more then a century.
  13. cinnamond

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    Lets consider what could destroy the US.

    1. War, the US usually start their wars and end them too, when the public get tired of the body bag numbers. Their enemies, so far have been very weak and have to stay the course for their own survival, they get a little outside help and usually do survive, but a mess is left behind.

    For these reasons the US reign of warmongering may be halted, especially over Iran, because China, Russia and India get their oil from there and China is now the most powerful nation on earth.

    Okay the US have more and better weapons, but they don't have the stomach to take on the Chinese, who do have the stomach and will fight to the last man. Add Russia and India to the equation and US options are very limited.

    2 Nuclear war, unless a mistake is made, I would rule this one out for the same reason, stomach problems.

    3. So then there is economic collapse, I don't think total collapse is likely. The Money men are quite happy to screw the last drop of life's blood out of everyone, but won't kill the golden goose, merely keep in nailed down.

    4. Finally revolution, a nice thought, but they don't work in practice, you just get another bunch of powerful shitbags in change and the current will see it coming and offer a crust of bread to the people, just in time.
  14. mr.morrison

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    Your time line was wrong
  15. themnax

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    well it could happen that soon, especially if the tea nazi's finagle their way into any more control then what they already have. at the other extreme it could be nearly a century. more likely somewhere inbetween. its a roll of the dice as to when. too many conflicting trends for me to put any bets on when. other then that the colapse, when it comes, will be entirely an internal matter and not the result of outside pressures or influence.
  16. The U.S. might end in 50 years or less. It might re-emerge as a zombified nation brainwashed and drinking the governmental kool aid(alcohol). It's mostly that people will no longer defend constitutional rights, so they'll simply fade away thanks mostly to people's inaction. The government will only be like a worm crawling though unresistant, permeable soul helping their tree of evil grow. Inaction is bad action!
  17. slappysquirrel

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    the ancients believed that rome would rise and fall again someday. that was during the fall of rome.

    we are the new rome...
  18. Maelstrom

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    One can certainly hope. :sunny:
  19. themnax

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    its not a matter of being taken over be another country, but of reverting to a more logical and natural condition after famine and epidemic from climate change brings about an overwhelmingly majority reduction in human population. possibly we could see a breakup before then. we're already seeing a well earned diminuation of its respectability as anything other then a bully, and an ever increasing self isolation resulting from the arrogance of its policies.
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    Not long...


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