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  1. Tondalaya

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    I am a Virgo woman who is trying HARD to love a Pisces Man. My Pisces man doesnt seem to fit many of the stereotypical traits of Pisces that I read about. Hes not a sappy, wimpy, love struck, romantic, sensitive, lazy character as many astrologist suggest. This man is driven, a workaholic, very confident, very masculine, goal oriented, and acts very indiffernt at times about our relationship.

    The one thing that is true to his sign is the "dissappearing" acts. Wether mentally or physically. One minute he's there givin it his all...the next two weeks he's in a zone. I dont mind his cave dwelling at times but how do I know if I'm REALLY getting next to him?

    Some say Pisces men like to feel FREE. That they like to venture off alone. A woman who loves a Pisces gives them lots of space. Then you hear about these sappy romantic types. Not my Pisces man. HOW IN THE HELL DO I LOVE HIM?
  2. ryupower

    ryupower NO capcom included

    Well....he probably has a lot of taurus and virgo in his stars. I know many pisces, and they all act like stereotypical pisces.
  3. Tondalaya

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    Are you sure your only fourteen!!??? It just so happens that his Moon is in Virgo and his Mars is in Taurus. WOW! Now what? (Still looking confused)
  4. ryupower

    ryupower NO capcom included

    Moon in virgo...aha! There's the clean freak!*found him* So you probably get along with that side...since you're a virgo too....
    Mars in taurus?'s venus in mars! :eek:

    Now how about a Scorpio?Aries? Anyone of those?
  5. Tondalaya

    Tondalaya Member

    OH nooo...His Venus is in Aries. This is weird! Now what? (Still looking confused)
  6. don't know what to tell ya girl. just love him for who he is, don't focus just on his sign, focus on his personality. many men I've met didn't match their sign. It's hard sometimes. do you love him? how long have you been together?
  7. Tondalaya

    Tondalaya Member

    I believe this feeling is what "they" call LOVE. But I'm at an age where time is a factor and time I do not want to waste. However, I am also at an age where I have realized somtimes you have to "stick" things out long enough for things to reach full potential. I have a Gemini Moon..hence a short attention span. This has led me to jump from lover to lover never finding the "perfect" mate the Virgo in me desires.

    So...hence me and my Pisces mate share alot of similarities. But its not easy getting through the emotional stuff. I was hoping sum research into his MOON sign would explain why he ACTS much different from the Pisces I've known.
  8. ryupower

    ryupower NO capcom included

    So he's a macho pisces....interesting.....

    Well, he sounds like a bit of a 'domineering' guy.....I don't know what to say...:(
    I never lived around dommineering guys.
  9. Tondalaya

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    WOW...I guess he is a bit dommineering but Im a bit submissive so its a good fit. Oh well...I guess Ill continue to drive myself crazy trying to analyze Virgos do!
  10. _sunflower_

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    try to get to know HIM better and don't focus so much on his sign. astrology is not everything, you know?
  11. im a virgo guy, the trick is to not try to analize him, let him vibe from nothing more than your pure emotion and hell open up;)
  12. spinelli

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    Well, apparently pisces sun/virgo moon are lucky to have both practical and emotional qualities yet their challenge is to keep a balance between th two.

    When not balanced the person will alternate from being sympathetic to being quite cold. And this could be the basis of whats goin on.
  13. Love_N_it

    Love_N_it Banned

    It must fit a little bit better than, pretty good. :)
    when he's around,
    in the palm of your hands. :p

    why are you so adiment on feeling confident that you have "analyzed him"
    or that you have found the deeper part of his subconscious that reeeely
    makes him 'tick' ?

    is there something that he does to you that you can't believe he isn't practicing on a more routine basis?
    or is he that mysterious..... while he's gone. or gone in whatever you consider as his ;gone zone; ........ that you still cannot put your finger on it?

    if your trying to figure out where he, "goes" ... pay attention to what it is that he's choosing to look at the most durning that period.

    you can answer all of theese questions, since your the one asking them.

    Ra Ra
  14. ~jane_says~

    ~jane_says~ Member

    I'm a gemini girl in love with a pisces...and believe me it is useless to try and analyze him...I find myself wondering what the hell I am doing. (My guy is the macho type as well.) Although this is a tough situation for me to handle on a mental level, I find that when we are together the rest of the world fades away and all that matters is him and me that's worth every doubt. As far as "getting next to him" I don't believe you can do that fully with pisces being as elusive as they are...Time and time again I've asked myself do I stay or go, but you have to ask yourself what's more important this love or your stability? I think you already know...If your interested check out "Astrology for Lovers," it's well written.
  15. JoanAdrianne

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    I've been in love and involved with a Pisces Man for the past five years. He too is the more domineering type. He's a Cancer Moon and a Sag rising. I'm a scorp with a pisces moon and a leo rising. We have a lot of compatibilities.
    I would not ever describe him as elusive. But I will say that my Pisces along with many others often live in a dreamscape fantasy world. Maybe that would be why one here would describe them as elusive or hard to get close to. Maybe once you understand their romantic dreamlike imagination it will be easier to understand the person's needs and emotions. I also would like to add that a pisces man needs constant reminders of your love and committment, once they are reassured of that, they will open their emotions and feelings up to you. If you can handle it! The waters can run deep!
  16. Adgreyga

    Adgreyga Member

    wow, you 2 are extremly compatible form what i kno
    the picses is with the scorpio, the cancer is with the pisces and the sag is with the leo
    all really really good matches- sun moon n rising, a fortunate match
    even tho im a girl, ima pisces with a sag rising n i personally find what you siad to be very true
  17. JoanAdrianne

    JoanAdrianne Member

    Thanks for the reply Adgreyga. I found it quite interesting to compare he and I's charts. It is a very fortunate match. It explained a lot of our bond and connection from the first moment we spent time together.
    The moon placement is sometimes a challenge- the drama! lol
    The Ascendents challenge us in a different way. We both battle to be leaders! But it's just the surface compared to what we feel deeply and with so much water there is so much depth!
    What is your moon sign? And as a water sign do you find yourself surrounded with friends and/or acquaintences who are also water?
  18. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    i'm a taurus. in my experience in relationships with pisces males, i have often found that a good quanity of alcohol often helps.

    be thankful he's not a virgo, too: loving a virgo man usually requires alcohol, endless patience, time and space, and a good, sturdy wall to bang your head against.
  19. coldsunn

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  20. Adgreyga

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    cool, im glad i help. i couldnt resist, you 2 have such a good match goin on thats is crazy (methapor for fate). my moon sign is libra though i dont know much about libras tho i have 2 friend who are libra. let see, as a water sign i remember my 1st love was a cancer (tho we never made it past friends) and a guy im into now is a (confusing) scorpio.

    other than that only my mom (scorpio) and lil brother (cancer) are the only close water signs i have around me :( im always aroundmy 7-8 leo girls, a scorpio girl and 2 aries guys and some other guy friends that i need to find out their signs but as far as i kno, all fire im surrounded with - ouch, but ive never gotten burned (yet-lol). but yea with us pisces its all deep and i kno that personally im accused for being hard to get to kno (by guys at least) and ppl im close to often didnt believe how open i am (tho i dont kno if thats typical pisces or if its jus like that with ppl weve fallen for).

    also im too dreamy and i kno i'd die if i was in a relationship with a person i cared for and i didnt feel they even cared about me - often this fear keeps us away from even pursuing relationships for the fear of getting hurt. sad to say, im a pisces whos never really been in a reltionship because of it... oh well
    but no doubt, with pisces and i believe all water signs, they go deep, deep...

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