Homeschooler needs some topics to write essays on!

Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by Flying_deer, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Flying_deer

    Flying_deer Member

    I've recently written one on yoga, am about to write one on the book DMT:spirit molecule. (which I'm excited about.)

    BUT, I need some new ideas, new topics. Anyone have any ideas? If so please share! thank you!! :sunny:
  2. Valdis

    Valdis Member

    How about the issues surrounding medical marijuana?
  3. Flying_deer

    Flying_deer Member

    It's on my list, but awesome idea, sunshine! Thank you. <3
  4. How about one on basic structural building. Once you have the basics you can apply them to any medium including art. Also comes in pretty handy on the homestead or apartment.

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