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Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by FlowerChild1, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. FlowerChild1

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    I really love being home schooled! Its like a whole different life style you know. Some people are meant to be schooled at home and some arent I guess. Im a junior, so Ive been enrolled in ECOT for 3 maybe 4 years =) Btw ECOT is my online schooling.

    What I remember about regular school. Hmm, A lot of people were mean and totally dramatic. I'll admit, I use to be a BIG cry baby!!! That part i cant Stress enough. But, I hated school. :-/ Some reason I couldnt concentrate on what a teacher was saying since I was around a lot people, which made meh nervous X-( I had low F's and refused to do homework cause of being so tired. Waking up at 6 a.m. was friggin miserable!!

    I would try everyday to find a way to skip school. Like, Everyday. There was nothing exciting about it to meh. Maybe it was my fault for not fitting lol, I donno. I think that I was the type that "Didnt Belong" seriously. So when I hit 9th grade I got homeschooled and Loved it!!

    All I needed was some quiet space to be alone and concentrate :) So no, I dont regret being homedschooled. You have more time on your hands, plus, I went from F's to A's when i got transferred :) ya can't beat that!!!
  2. YouFreeMe

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    I tend to think someone can adapt to anything if they want to.
    And that people get idea's in their mind of something being bad and then they mold their experiences to their ideas.

    Glad you are happy though.
  3. TheatreMommy

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    The world is full of so many different types of learners. I completely respect your desire to be out of the huge classes. You could have aspects of introversion, where you need your space and to look inward to recharge yourself. Public school can be massively draining for that personality type. Good on you for your new career. I'm glad it works for you.
  4. FlowerChild1

    FlowerChild1 Member

    Yeah :) it's very kewl to learn online because im addicted to the net :rolleyes:

    It's hard for me to learn around others, I don't know why.. possibly because I'm a little different than them. I'm passing 11th grade with a 4.0 GPA.. so it's very exciting for me, this August I'll be in my last years of school :D it's totally great :) and it's kind of hard to believe next year (in June) I'll graduate... wow
  5. deadheaddope

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    I grew up at went through a typical public school system, and had a few friends that were home schooled but starting going to highschool with the rest of us. While they seemed like they might be a little ahead of the rest of us academically they seemed, for the most part, to have no social skills whatsoever. I'm not saying you're like this it's just an observation I made...

  6. Valdis

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    That's the stereotype, that homeschoolers have no social skills but it's rarely true, thank goodness. My guess is that the ones it is true for it would be true if they were in public or private school too. I know many people who went to public school even to Ivy League colleges that have a very low social skill set.

    In my experience, most homeschoolers are actually more socialized because they do more out in the world rather than cooped up in a classroom all day. Even better, they do the things they do with a wider social economic and mixed ethnic background demographic of people.
  7. DroopySnoopy

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    That is true, many home schoolers spend more time out in the world such as on real field trips (something many schools no longer partake in) which allows them to socialize with other home schooled students with similar interests.
  8. ZenKarma

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    From what I see home-schooled kids are more sociable, willing to listen, and have way less attitude than kids churned out of the various prison-like structures we have here in the USA.

    Others have it way better. Schooling in Europe is mostly a joy, and you can see it in the eager faces of the kids wanting to learn and grow.

    Here we see sniveling brats fighting over materialistic crap that will all be in the trashbin within a few weeks, and they seem to have a mass-consciousness of hate towards the older folks and anyone in a position of authority.

    I know I am generalizing, but so many good people of my generation with children chose to home school their loved ones, and most have turned out to be great moms and dads on their own, contributing to society and helping others. The local kids going to the 'schools' in this county all seem to end up wearing red t shirts (Del Norte Gang) or are seen in the daily mug shots on the Sheriff's home page.
  9. magickman

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    Yes home schooling is great. No worries about transportation, other kids' bullshit, teachers' bullshit, etc. Only takes half a day at most, often less.
  10. OldDude2

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    If you manage to avoid the bullies early in life, they'll just get you later.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    No They Won't.......Because Later In Life You Will Be So Much More Mature Those "Sacks Of Shit" Will Mean Nothing To You....... :)

    Cheers Glen.
  12. OldDude2

    OldDude2 Well-Known Member

    You're so much more mature at University? or is there home university now?
    Then the workplace bullies ...... they can be really nasty.
    Personally, I'm glad I got all that over with at high school.

    Let's not forget school is where you learn to socialize, play sports, find hobbies, start dating.
    Not going to school is generally a disaster for personal development .... such kids never fit in anywhere for the rest of their life.

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member

    Home schooling demands an awful lot on order, topical educational awareness and commitment - but can see excellent results.
    However, even if the schooling is by establishment means - there is always an onus of Parental responsibility to -

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