High Price: Thinking About Drugs With A Social Conscience

Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by DdC, Feb 10, 2015.

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    Published on Dec 8, 2014 (49:48)
    Dr Carl Hart talking about neuroscience, drugs & politics at the HIT Hot Topics Conference in Liverpool, November 2014.

    Carl Hart ‏@drcarlhart Oct 28
    Yesterday I testified in Federal Court about Marijuana. This is a good summary of what happened....


    U.S. v. Schweder
    Marijuana Schedule I Evid Hearing: Dr. Carl Hart's Testimony

    Dr. Carl Hart: Drug Myths Exposed

    Why research is biased against pot and other recreational drugs.

    This Neuroscientist Exposes Every Lie You've Been Told About Drugs Since You Were a Kid
    by @gabethegrand @MicNews

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    Carl Hart is an interesting guy, I've seen him on Democracy Now a bunch of times.

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