Here's A Scientific Concept More People Should Know: Gravity

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Openmind693, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Openmind693

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    Ok, I read this article at MoJo's and it does not make sense to me. Maybe someone here can explain it a little more clearly.

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  2. Wu Li Heron

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    It's just so much pointless and meaningless arguing over gravity caused by the fact we don't have a theory of everything and people like to argue.

    General Relativity is the most accurate theory we have for describing the largest scales in the universe and it describes gravity as not being caused by any force, but by the warping of space-time itself. Exactly what the hell "space-time" is and how you warp it the theory doesn't explain, but the more massive an object is and the faster it accelerates the more it will warp space-time according to the theory. It actually warps it in three spatial dimensions and a temporal one and the article is merely splitting semantic hairs.

    There is no way to clarify it much further because Relativity contains the Simultaneity Paradox where two observers at extremely remote distances from the same events can observe them happening at different times. The theory itself is just flat out wrong, but its the best that anyone has been able to come up with and is accurate to 14 decimal places. For example, one alternative theory is that instead a rubber sheet virtual particles are pushing everything together. Its all so much B.S. as frar as I'm concerned and the only question is which B.S. is more useful.
  3. Mallyboppa

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    Gravity and lack of sobriety is what causes people to fall over !
  4. Wu Li Heron

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    I tell winos all the time that the ground is always there to catch them, just don't leave it too far behind.
  5. Mallyboppa

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    So the Higher you Fly The Further you Fall ?
  6. Wu Li Heron

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    If you can't keep your feet beneath you solidly planted on the ground your head will never remain in the clouds. The higher you fly attempting to overcome your lack of a firm footing the harder you fall. Without a solid foundation the strongest building in the world will fall down.
  7. Mallyboppa

    Mallyboppa Nails Mc Fugger

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