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    Why are there people in the homeschooling forum hating on homeschooling? Do they really think they will produce results such as changing people's minds? Or is it just general assholism?

    And now with all the ADHD stuff. It's getting to be really irritating. Why come to a board to just say, "Don't do it." or "It doesn't exist?"

    Maybe these people belong on the mind fuck board instead. Only, they aren't really that effective at mind fucking, they are just trying to agitate.

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    Ooops, I started to respond to the wrong thread...

    This is a good point, btw. When one has one's mind made up already, it seems to me to be somewhat counterproductive going to a discussion forum. I respect that some people are warning others, attempting to act in the best interest of others, but when it degenerates into disrespect, I disengage from the point of the writer. Telling someone else that he or she is a "moron" makes the speaker sound less credible, I feel. As if ad hominum attacks are all that they are capable of. :(

    Oh well. I look forward to healthy debate and expanding understanding.
  3. Valdis

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    I rarely look around here these days. It's not very busy and I'm nearly done with homeschooling but thanks!


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