General Atmosphere Of A Garden (Feeling)

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by air., Dec 21, 2014.

  1. air.

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    what flowers,plants,etc would you plant to create a certain feeling?.
    as in, footpaths,etc?..

  2. air.

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    To expand on the question, what I mean is certain flowers and plants can just give you a certain feeling.

    So the idea is, to create a bit of magic. So the layout, etc....

    any idea please?
  3. Tyrsonswood

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    Depends entirely upon what's already there, like trees or shrubs, rocks, etc.. A garden enhances nature, it all depends on the nature of the site.
  4. thedope

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    Feels like dirt.
  5. Spiral Sea

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    I find the smell of a garden very important so I planted aromatic perenials like (lemon)Thyme,Catnip and Lavender close to the footpaths.
    A few fragrant climbing Roses and Honeysuckles against the wall at the terras area where we spend most of the time.
    The borders are filled with Phlox, Monarda, Hesperis, Nicotiana, Hyacinths and Lilac to give each season a different scent.

    also like to be surrounded by wildlife so I find it's essential to have a water element that attracts frogs, birds and dragonflies in the garden.
  6. siri888

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    My garden has a ton of different plants, I personally love the moss ground I have over the grass because walking barefoot on moss is truly amazing, it is super soft and inviting. I have a ton of bees in my garden, since bees have had a hard time it's nice to see a large abundance of them. I have a really neat fireplace in my yard, it's not a circular one it stand tall with a smoke stack. Theres a ton of vines crawling up the fireplace and along the fence behind it and the way the vines twist and twine it really amazing. I have a small vegetable garden as well, theres nothing better than eating your home grown food. I love growing herbs as well, my mint does especially well and smells wonderful. I think one of my favourite parts of my garden are these flaming bushes, they are a beautiful green in the spring and summer and then in the fall they turn a very true red and it is absolutely beautiful. I think having some beautiful pots filled with pretty flower like daisies adds a lot to my garden as well, I have some neat indian looking ones. I have a path and surrounding it are ferns and poppies and it looks really neat. My other path is next to a house and it has become over grown with bamboo and to use the path you pretty much need a machete to use the path but it gives you an explorer feel going through the bamboo haha :)

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