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  2. ThePoetSappho

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    Typical Gemini.... and this, coming from a fellow Gemini Sun with a lot of Gemini in my chart... ::runs off to another subject::
  3. Right haha i mean gemini's are the best ;)

    But im still not sure if the plaurel form of gemini is gemini's or gemini. That is the question... Haha
  4. oliverclay

    oliverclay Guest

    Gemini has some special things in their nature.
  5. erica lalala

    erica lalala Member

    my bf is gemini.
    so i guess you could say i like em.
  6. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    well, i'm pretty sure it's not gemini's. that's the possessive singular form of gemini.

    a quick google search tells me it's geminis.
  7. Isadoran

    Isadoran Member

    I am one day into Gemini. I am stuck between the signs of Gemini and Taurus. I definitely rule my household. Since I am the Queen Bee mom living with two 18-year-old boys.
  8. Alternative_Thinker

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    One of my best friends is Gemini. She and I go way back. :)
  9. Did you guys know that biggie smalls, tupac, jfk, johnny depp, paul mccartney, angelina jolie, natalie portman, russel brand, clint eastwood, ralph waldo emerson, and bob dylan are all geminis?
    Oh...and castro.. And like a whole bunch of seriel killers and murders haha
  10. Come on geminis dont be shy! Speak up!
  11. ThePoetSappho

    ThePoetSappho Driftwood Lifetime Supporter

    they've grown bored and moved onto another subject.
  12. Well i was trying to generate some good, randon conversation while simotaneously finding out who some other geminis are haha
  13. fuck yeah Geminis!

    and yes please do not spell it "Gemini's" because ... well... GRAMMAR
  14. ThePoetSappho

    ThePoetSappho Driftwood Lifetime Supporter

    True. there should only be an ' if the noun is being used as a possessive noun.
  15. I never cared for all that grammar shit haha but poet that is a really cool mushroom. I want to eat it xD
  16. I'm a Gemini!
  17. ThePoetSappho

    ThePoetSappho Driftwood Lifetime Supporter

    Typical Gemini thread; no sentence is longer than one line ;)
  18. What type of characteristics do Geminis usually have?
    I'm not very familiar with astrology...

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