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Discussion in 'The Future' started by King Names, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. King Names

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    What has not been invented yet, but should be in the near or distant future?

    I'll say a second separate internet that is virus, malware, trojen, spyware, and the alike FREE!
  2. AceK

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    a "second internet" would quickly become merged with the first. The internet is a network of networks.
  3. themnax

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    means of consuming less energy and cleaner ways of producing it will remain in demand.
    the oligarcy of oil may fall sooner then expected, for more reasons then expected,
    it will surely not be missed, though many today have been conned into expecting it to be.

    coal of course no one loves but itself. (and most of it is extracted and transported by means of dieel and electricity as it is)
    of course if there had never been more of us then there were in 1830, there probably wouldn't be a serious problem with any of it.

    whatever we feel about it there are, and that's that. for now.

    but the automobile as we know it now, will become largely obsolete.
    what will replace it will be locally diverse.
    and not just in large population centers.

    maybe less expensive ways of getting in and out of gravity wells like earths are on the horizion.
    ways of going further faster once out of them already are. thought the latter is not entirely news.

    practical net gain fussion my come to be, but i wouldn't expect any free magic wands.
    i would say the latter are the one thing most likely to not be invented any time forseeable.

    non-lethal defense against lethal weapons that are more powerful and practical then them, thus making them obsolete.
    i believe we could have already had that by now if that had been where the incentive and motivation were.
    well happen eventually though anyway.

    a mallware free internet? that's a lovely thought. like a violence free world, this is a matter of culture, more then ideology or technology to create.
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  4. Harpo

    Harpo Member

    At some point we'll (some of us, anyway) upload our minds into machines and make ourselves virtually immortal. These machines won't need to eat or breathe, making instellar travel massively cheaper and easier. Faster two, if the Ion Drive works out ok.

    In the nearer future, mostly improvements on what we have already. The biggest invention of the last fifty years was the internet. The biggest invention of the next fifty years will probably be related to computer implants in our brains.
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  6. TheGhost

    TheGhost Auuhhhhmm ...

    Cold Fusion.
  7. TheGhost

    TheGhost Auuhhhhmm ...

  8. TheGhost

    TheGhost Auuhhhhmm ...

    The kid built a fusion reactor. But it's not cold fusion. Cold fusion is actually widely regarded as impossible due to the fact that some major scientific laws would have to be broken in order to make it happen. Some italian guy claims to have done it but it's mostly unverified.

    If you want to point out a specific post or thread in that forum I'll be happy to read it.
  9. I saw a video of Doug Coulter showing off his fusion reactor a while back. Pretty sure I remember him mentioning cold fusion a few times. I figured out that I can be happy for a lifetime with a tiny solar panel and some rechargeable batteries so I decided to leave the whole nuclear research thing to the big brains and focus my research elsewhere. I have read a little bit at the coultersmithing forums though, and they go pretty deep there.

    Watching this right now, just for the mindfuck:
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  10. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    i don't believe we need to look for magic wands when we have perfectly servicable alternative technologies. the big obstical to transitioning to universal rooftop solar, backyard wind, and remote micro-hydro is the entrenchment of established greed. sure fusion MIGHT be nice, when and if it comes along, but its NOT anything we need to depend upon its doing so, nor hold our breath until it does.

    also the impact of stored energy propelled public transprotation, with onboard solar trickle charging and/or fast charging at stopping places, and there are multiple technologies with which to do both, also proven and existing, will be every bit as great as that of clean energy for non-mobile applications.
  11. For the record, I'm against fusion/fission, at this stage in humanity's development at least. I'm actually working on ideas that provide for all of a persons basic needs for less than the cost of renting a studio apt for a year but people will have to realize that they can thrive with a few hundred watts of solar in order to adapt.
  12. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    well fission, which is what we have, has almost as many environmental problems as oil and coal, and its the darling corporate monopolists who want to keep power generation centralized and exploitive.
    fusion is something we don't have, but is how suns are believed to work. supposedly won't have the same problems as fission, but since no one really has it working yet (to where it produces more output then what it takes to try and start it), we really don't know what problems it will have. but since there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, as hienline was fond of saying, they idea that it won't have any, is pretty much fantasy.

    the hydogen thing was another boondoggle. sure it burns clean and its 'ash' is pure water. except that damd stuff in concentration to where you can power anything with it, is more explosive then explosives.

    all that stuff is really about monopolies trying to keep their monopolies. at the end user end of things, solar, micro-hydro and wind, work just fine. the key to making wind and solar work is of course storage technologies.
    the excuse offered against wind and solar is battery chemistry and those gargantuine turban things the power companies like kill birds. but the latter problem is only a result of insisting on doing things on that massively centralized scale, and energy can be stored in magnetically suspended flywheels without requiring battery chemistry at all, which on a distributed rather then centralized system, might not be that big of a problem anyway.

    so yes, more then enough power to run our computers and occasional power tools can come from roof top solar and back yard wind, and even our refrigerators, though the can run off of methane from biowaste as can our cooking.

    people it seems, would rather indenture themselves to buy a car then ride a train, but they'd rather pay a centralized monopoly then generate their own power. or would they in either case.
    personally i think its more a matter of culture and what people get used to.

    as for the large scale of energy requirements for industry, let those be located closer to the sorts of power sources they require. with villages for people who work there close by.

    there's really no reason with the cleaner technologies we have and could be using and policies more favorable to them, for people to have to cluster up in cities, which create markets for massively centralized generation.

    so a clean future is really available right now, but the combination of greed and familiarity are primarily what resists and opposes it.

    as the natural costs of both come home to roost more and more in the form of climate change and its consiquences, such resistence will eventualy whither and life moves on, though possibly, even probably, a much reduced population owing to those same consiquences, which though painful, and a roll of the dice as to who survives them, a better world out the other side.

    but that's the choice. we can avoid the pain be reducing our driving of climate change now, or wait for it to force better sense on those of us who do survive.

    thriving is all well and good, but robbing our future to do so, doesn't work. is already not working. just people keep trying to deny that's what and why.

    and we can thrive quite nicely, in a clean energy and clean energy propelled public transportation environment. one which shares our earth with the rest of nature our own existence, more then many people seem to realize, depends on.
  13. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    malware and spyware only exist because operating systems deliberately create back doors to facilitate marketing, while at the same time, hindering you and me, from accessing parts of our systems, on the pretense of protecting copyrights and patents. it isn't the net itself that's the problem. its more a matter of cultural and economic incentives. i would like to see corporate mass media and mass marketing excluded from it. the exact opposite of their current efforts to take it over entirely. i would like to see a return to the original concept of unlimited linking and embedding. the "h" in "http" which stands for hypertext. though of course not limited to "text", but encompassing today's level of imagery, animation, and graphics.

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