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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by poor_old_dad, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. poor_old_dad

    poor_old_dad Senior Member

    This is going to be a free seed exchange thread, NOT for selling ANYTHING. And it is ONLY FOR LEGAL SEEDS. Posts that violate these simple rules will be deleted and if it gets out of hand, the whole thread will be gone. It will work as follows:

    If you have a need for seed, or spare to share, post it here. If you see that member has what you need or needs what you have, send that member a Private Message & arrangements can be made. I suggest that whoever needs the seeds send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the member with the seeds. I also suggest that when you get the seeds you need ot run out of the seeds you're offering, you edit your original post to let folks know.

    I've seen this work in many places, and it can really help folks who are tight on $$$, or want to grow 3 basil plants without buying a pack with 900 seeds... stuff like that. It also works real well with seeds for flowers and even rare plants.

    If there are questions or problems to let me know.


  2. poor_old_dad

    poor_old_dad Senior Member

    Ok, I'll even go first.

    I have basil seeds, plus cayenne & jalapeƱo pepper seeds. And as a rare item some Red Peter Pepper seeds.

    To quote from the web site, "
    which naturally and consistently contort themselves into a miniature replica of, well - take a look at its scientific name: Capsicum annuum var. annuum 'Peter' (Penis Pepper)."

  3. hummblebee

    hummblebee hipstertist.

    Well, if anyone's been following my ongoing conversation with P.O.D., I have an ambitious gardening plan this year. One way or another, I'll be coming up with some transplants for certain veggies, and marigolds. But I have NO seeds, at all, yet, for all the veggies I want to plant directly into the ground. The first ones I'll be needing (thank you, poor_old_dad!) are lettuce, radish, and snow peas.

    Eventually, I'll be needing a little of everything, near as I can tell!

    Once I get down to my co-op and buy what I can, I'll post up any extra I may get in packets, etc. But I don't know how much or how useful that will be. Since it's my first year gardening, I don't have much to offer... But if my garden is successful, I will save seeds from everything and have lots to share next time around! :D
  4. woodenfrog

    woodenfrog Member

    great idea p.o.d. ,,its about time we get a seed exstange on here,,ill look in the barn for some seeds to go up,when my seads start ariveing in a couple months ill post more up.
  5. Yoseff

    Yoseff Music Addict

    I have a couple (and by couple, I mean few, as in two...) Sensitive Plant seeds... It's a pretty cool plant, once it gets established (needs to be indoors, it's a pretty big wimp)
  6. CosmicGaia

    CosmicGaia Member

    This is a great idea!

    If no one minds a Canadian jumping in I have lots of Four O'clock Marvel Of Peru (Mirabilis jalapa) seeds to offer.

    Its a large vine like plant with beautiful flowers that open around 4pm. It self sows seeds every year. The plant that keeps on giving [​IMG].
  7. Sea Breeze

    Sea Breeze Member

    HUGE hug for P_O_D!

    This is the way to go people!!

    I am wondering if we can do this for the other side of the Atlantic too?

    This must be the Global allotment in the Global Village!!
  8. ripple

    ripple Member

    Great Idea!

    Im up for it! Ill have a look see what seeds Ive got from last year and let you know what Ive got.

  9. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    how about a bit of something i got a bushel of . it's named the Christmas bean . very good eating . a purple-splotched large bean , cooks quick and easy with a brown flesh. climbing-type . i've yet to grow it , so cannot indicate its yield . many others have grown it successfully as this is an heirloom variety .
  10. Sea Breeze

    Sea Breeze Member

    Hey Ripple

    Me too - I know I have some peas/beans I can send you some wild garlic aswell ( you can use it like chives and use the bulb too) I have more but I need to have a look!
  11. sweetersappe

    sweetersappe Member

    I have tons of herb and flower seeds. I think I am going to do almost all my planting in containers this year, so I won't need many seeds. I have: basil, strawflower, eggplant, shasta daisies, zinnias, marigolds, alyssum, gypsophila, oregano, thyme, and more. My dad has lots of seeds he saved from last year, too. If anyone would like to share, I would love to try some unusual sweet peppers or tomatoes. We also love, love purple crowder peas and no one around here has any. :)
  12. I know its a little early or late depending on how you think of it, but anyhow its winter and nothing growing now its all died or hybernatin' lol but if anyone is interested I have some wild onions that grow in my garden and I never really use them and I have some pumpkin seeds. Thats about it for now though. Anyone interested get at me..............
  13. Aggiegirl

    Aggiegirl Member

    I know winter is almost over, but I have cauliflower and broccoli seeds.

    This is a rare request, but I am looking for bittermelon seeds and snap peas.

    Know any good vendors?
  14. sweetersappe

    sweetersappe Member

    Baker Creek sells bitter melon. I think they are a good company to deal with.
  15. Sea Breeze

    Sea Breeze Member

    So what happened people? Did anyone ge tot swap seeds? Ripple what happened to you?
  16. hey all, i got a few things to put up :)

    -almost full packet of blue lake pole beans. i ordered some more of these without realizing that i already had this packet. theyre open pollinated, not hybrid.

    -arugula. its a salad green, i dont really like it. sorta nutty/peppery/bitter taste. theres a reasonable number of seeds. open pollinated.

    -mazurka spinach

    the above are all from west coast seeds and are not treated with fungicide, etc.
    the following are just your ordinary brands.

    -yellow bush bean
    -green bush bean
    -large russian sunflower (2)
    -cucumber, improved long green
    -chiccory (2)
    -peas, shelling, 'superb early bird' (not opened)
    -watermelon, sugar baby
    -carrot (3, one not opened)

    i can test them if you like to see what percentage will germinate.

    and heres some flowers saved from my moms garden:

    -light pink hollyhock
    -dark pink hollyhock
    -maltese cross
    -pink columbine

    what i need:

    basil is something i really need, lots of it. and pretty much any kind of heritage veggies. i want to save my own seed, so i dont want any hybrids. i also want herbs: perennial (roman) chamomile and peppermint especially, coltsfoot, mullein, vervain, rue, wood germander, valerian, milk thistle, borage... pretty much anything. just offer what you have, if youre interested, flowers too :)
  17. dreadlockswampy

    dreadlockswampy Swampmiester

    Has anyone got any Aloe Vera seeds ???

    Unfortunately I have nothing to offer, I don't have a garden
    & just want a few plants around the house
  18. Alaskan

    Alaskan Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Aloe Vera seeds ? Nada....Don't think they go to seed in a house enviroment.
    Find someone who has a established plant. Get a couple side shoots and plant in nice damp soil and in a couple of months you'll have a nice healthy plant.........
  19. dreadlockswampy

    dreadlockswampy Swampmiester

    Cool, thanks
  20. ripple

    ripple Member

    Hey seabreeze!
    Was almost going to give my garden a miss altogether this year due to my hip, but Ive just spent the day digging it and all is well!

    If youre after any of these let me know

    Onion seeds
    Edit: Beetroot too!

    Just back from the garden centre too, bought one of those mushroom grow kits, going to give that a go too!


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