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    I just got news that we are allowed to share the link to this promo which gave a bunch of people on the mailing list free kratom capsules. Mine should be here anyday so I figured I would share. Below are instructions on how you can get your free kratom capsules, its easy and there not charging shipping either, so it is actually free! If you have not tried kratom, I vouch for it! [​IMG]

    1. To get your free kratom go to this url:

    2. go through the checkout process (shipping is free too, it said for 7 days i believe)

    3. receive your maeng da kratom capsules from kratomlounge (i have not got mine yet, but i could not resist posting this as i love when i figure out stuff im not supposed to find [​IMG])

    4. if you dont like them you can mail your extras to me [​IMG]

    Kratom is some interesting stuff, if you are unfamiliar or want to read the condensed version with some good statistics, claims, & information then checkout this site: (yes i know its on a site selling kits to test if someone uses kratom, which i hope my employer does not start using, haha, i doubt that will ever happen, but i have read tons about it and this is the best summary i could find that tries to stick to more factual data and away from the bull++++ you see on tv, google news and other major media outlets.

    Hopefully it works to get you some free stuff and you benefit from kratom as I know it has done wonders to help manage my pain without using pills that created more problems than they were even supposed to be treating.
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    It's spam anyways... Why drag up an old thread and complain?

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