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Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by drumminmama, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. anything around madison?
  2. WoodNymph

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    Hey Yall! String Summit this weekend! It may not be free but it will be amazing nonetheless...I don't know that many people going but if you are going to be there it would be nice to meet people, as I am new to the area. So if you are going, maybe e-mail me at

    Much love to everyone this weekend whatever you may be doing...
  3. WoodNymph

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    All day, Saturday, August 25, 2007
    Celtic Boom Festival
    Pendarvis Farm, Happy Valley, Oregon
    First annual Celtic Boom festival. Performances, sessions, open mike, song circle, and an Irish ceili dance. FREE
  4. Piece Of Mind

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    Anything in the PA that anyone knows of? Even if it's not free, just something reasonable in price...
  5. WoodNymph

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    FREE festival
    PSYCHEDELIC lineup
    GROOVY jams
    if you are LAIDBACK and FRIENDLY share a ride to MIGHTY SAN FRANCISCO
    for the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love for a free fest in
    beautiful GOLDEN GATE PARK for an EPIC conclusion to the summer...

    My name is Sylvie, I live in Portland, and I am in dire need of a ride...
    If you can't give a ride, you should definitely go yourself and have a beautiful time...much love
    If you can, please e-mail me at (I can help with drive, gas money and provide yummy yummy food)
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  7. WoodNymph

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  8. olwyn

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    columbus, ohio has comfest end o' may, begininning of june every year. bloody boring town; comfest is ok. free, but parking is a bitch.
  9. Fawkes

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    I'll second that. I live in Johnson City, Tennessee and would love to know of anything free east of Nashville, or around Asheville, NC, Pikeville, KY or Virginia Tech Uni.

    I just left Miami, because its so damn expensive for one thing, I basically hated the place. But the festivals are one thing that I will miss, the massive street festivals. If you live in miami, you already know about these. But if you are going to be visiting miami, check out;

    Goombay festival; big bahamian street fest on Grand ave in Coconut Grove. Though, its not in a great neighborhood, I've never heard of problems going down (Pick pockets, muggings, etc.), and I've been to a few

    Calle Ocho Festival; When about a million cubans and their friends come out to party on Calle Ocho. (Also, not a great area, but the cubans won't fuck with you.)

    Coconut Grove Arts festival; relatively cheap beer and decent arts for sale. I think I drank about 6 quarts of beer there last year.

    Key Biscayne Arts festival is much smaller, but decent

    Miami Beach always has something going on.

    Bayfront park theatre right downtown often has free concerts. I remember going to a reggae concert down there when I was in high school and I couldn't believe it. EVERYBODY was reefin, and there was a decent police precense that didn't seem to care. I assume they still have free concerts.

    Check out the Miami Times.
  10. balthazorro

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    also there is a website called ballslist that shows most prominent artists home pages and then concert info... it's convenient to have them all in one place

  11. Gainesville Florida
    home of university of florida
    in the woods hippy fest



    Be there or be triangle

    - say ian and jess sent you :)
  12. Willy_Wonka_27

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    EDIT: Stoned, meant to type in the URL box, but ended up posting the url.... whoops.
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    there's free samples on it's hilarious and it really is totally free
  14. Box Of Rain

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    three rivers arts festival. pittsburgh pennsylvania. it happens every year.
    its 17 days usually starts the 1st of June and runs for 17 long magical musical days.
    good place to score really good acid too :)
    last year: robert randolph & family band, lotus, grace potter and the nocturnals, etc.
    alot of good bands show up and its freeee! lots of different cool artwork is sold there too.
  15. CSP101

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    I was at the art festival last year, Such a good time. Robert Randolph was amazing, Good call Rain, really worth going to. This year I actually hope I can hold on to enough money to actually buy a piece of art.
  16. freedomseeker

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    Anything in the Kentucky area?
  17. how about MICHIGAN?
  18. Gormur

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    The only big one I see coming up in the near future (before summer) is the Green Apple Festival-Los Angeles. Anyone been there or going there?
  19. MikeE

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    That's not the only one before summer.
    The Davis Whole Earth Festival is going to be on Mother's Day weekend (May 9,10 & 11).
    Crafts booths & alternative lifestyle education groups are suplimented by 4 entertainment stages (whose PR is lagging this year) and 3 venues dedicated to sustainability education.

    Even though PR is lagging, I am assured that the Brothers of the Beledi will be performing (on Quad stage, not mine :sniff1: ). So will Tempest. And maybe...(no, can't publicise bands until confirmation. Bad Michael! Bad!)

    This year, the DJ stage returns to the Wellman Pit, with its great accoustics and tight space. Leaving W.Stage (the one I'm managing) to have live bands until closing every day.

    The solar rig that has powered previous dance stages is unavaliable, but it looks like we've found another, so Soular Dance Stage's history of being off the grid will continue.

    Our waste reduction program achieved 98.2% diversion rate last year. Only 300 lb of the Festival's refuse went to the landfill, the rest was composted or recycled. Not bad for a 30,000 attendee event.

    This is the longest running free festival on the West Coast. It started as the final for Jose Argueilles's Art History class in 1969 and has changed and grown since then.

    Stop on by and check it out. Come see me at W.Stage.
    May 9, 10, 11 on the U.C. Davis Quad. (15mi. W of Sacramento)

    (Sorry, Univeristy property = no camping)
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    any free ones in mass?

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