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Discussion in 'Hip Business Network' started by Sun_Angel, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Good for you !

    (... and too bad they don't ship overseas)

    Wishing you well, and looking forward to see more of your great photographs.

  3. I'd buy me-so shy or with my Love.
  4. Sun_Angel

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    Yes,they do :) I already sold a greeting card to photographer from France :)
  5. Today everyone can take a picture and you do not really have to know what you are doing. If your skills in Photoshop are good then you can achieve alot. I have found digital has saved me in some situations where the lighting conditions are very difficult. Low light, a mix of natural and artificial light are prime examples. But for every two hours of shooting you spend at least one hour downloading and editing. What camera equipment do you use?
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    I really like your photography.

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