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    ok, the sticky for info thing is too much.
    Here is the August 2005 edition of our FAQ:

    Hello and welcome to the Hip Forums events and festivals board.
    The basic idea of this part of the main board is to let each other know about musical events and festies.

    Got a political/ protest rally? That's OK, but protest will be a better draw for you. Feel free to post in protest and then simply link to it.
    have the locale and date in your header, please!
    Sort of like this:
    header: Sept. 24 in Denver
    Hey all, there will be a huge anti-war protest at Gobbledy-Gook Hill.
    See this post:
    (link to protest forum thread www.blah blah blah)
    hope to see you there!
    I'll lock them to get the conversation rolling in protest. People will follow the link.

    Looking for Rainbow family?
    see our Rainbow family board: http://hipforums.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=64

    Looking for events near you?
    Again, I'm asking that location be put in headers of posts. That should help cut down the "Any music in Chicago?" posts (they are kidding, right?)
    start at

    Deleted and merged threads:
    I'll lock event threads after they happen. I'll be slow so a few people can gush about their experiences. After that, posts about events that are over will be deleted. If you had a great time, brag on the music board.
    That will keep newer events up high for searchers.

    If I see multiple posts for the same fest/ tour/ or band, I'll merge them so we get all the info together.
    Please, look through the first few pages before posting a roll call (who is going?). These will be locked after the event happens.

    HF has a find-a-ride board at:

    A quick plea: we have LOTS of photos on thses pages, and a lot of us use libraries and dial up. Can you skip pictures in sigs, please, in threads with big pix? Or if you have a big sig and answer a thread a lot?

    mil gracias,
    yer mod
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