Dropping completly out from the society.

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    That was... unexpected.
    I think you can't convince most of the people by just shouting what you think is right. ( no matter if it is or not )

    Theres a lot of job in IT, what did you do specifically?

    And I guess there always will be some people willing to listen to you.
  2. I have my degree in management systems, which means i know how to talk in everything from HTML, Dos, Java, and Css. I have also applied at literally thousands of jobs in the last 4 years. I think the main reason i can't get a job in any of these fields is because our economy sucks right now so there are alot of 25-40 year olds applying for the same job openings. Thus most businesses would rather hire someone older the a kid like me even though a graduated with honors and got an award for being the second smartest in my class.
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    What the fuck? Don't listen too this bullshit advice!

    I am going to tell you a story...

    Easter Island is a tiny island (63.1 sq mi) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From the tallest hill you can see everything on the island. Once it was a lush tropical forest, filled with flora and fauna. Enough resources to sustain a population of several thousand people (15,000 at its height).

    The villagers who lived there believed that dead had a symbiotic relationship with the dead. They built huge stone statues called Maoi to honour their dead so the dead would provide for living. They would cut down trees to move the maoi around. After a few generations there were no trees on the island over ten feet tall.

    The islanders traditionally fished for most of their sustenance, but because of the lack of trees they couldn't build seaworthy vessels. With the collapse of the jungle ecosystem came the collapse of all their agriculture and livestock. Cannibalism became the norm.

    Now imagine for a moment if you will the men who cut down the last grove of trees on the island. They must of known that these were the last ones. Were they overcome by inertia? Did they have ultimate faith that the gods of their ancestors would deliver them from their self imposed perils?

    We now find ourselves in the same boat. As young men and women coming of age in the 21st century, we are faced with problems that we that no human has ever faced before. Global warming, arable farmland turning into dustbowls, exploding population and deforestation. Most people don't really realize how fucked we are.

    At fault is the western global capitalistic empire. The people who are advocating assimilation and submission to the status quo are part of the problem. These people have been living in a veritable golden age of progress and prosperity. Their children and grand children will pay the price of there selfishness.

    The worlds needs charismatic and driven individuals who feel the call of the wild and reject the status quo like never before. We can't work out these problems inside society because change will come too slow and we will miss our chance. Follow your heart dude.

    If your interested in easter island, heres a link with a lot of good info.
  4. Mudwendigo

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    I am 18 years old and I am going to go to college for a forestry technician program(2 years). I know, I sound like a hypocrite but I think going to need the knowledge and experience to truly make a difference

    Besides even if all of our efforts are moot and we can't change shit, it will still be a lot of fun.
  5. We can always change shit dude, never in your life do you not have the ability to work toward changing your situation.

    I am not saying the knowledge gained from education is wrong or bad. Education is a great thing, but i could teach myself most of what you would learn in any school and know it better then most students from that school. The world has changed, we are all growing in knowledge and strength.

    Also Mudwindigo i wanted to say i agree with what you have said but since when does a charismatic person say it is anyones fault. The world is and always has been our responsibility, nothing anyone else does should change that belief in you. Yes a few trees may die but many more will grow, just because adaptation made a mistake doesn't mean life stops.

    All things considered i think i am a pretty lucky person living in our current time, if not for the technological advancements then at least because i get to see our planet, in all its living glory, everyday. Yes it may look different and now some species don't exist but life still grows, and that is all living is about.
  6. FlyingFly

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    Lets be honest. We can't do much. Most of young people are idiots anyway. It is now fashionable to be stupid.
  7. cookiecache

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    As a person who lived in the Alaska bush (wilderness) for many years, I can say it is the hardest, but most rewarding lifestyle anyone can choose. Let me know if you have questions.
  8. Are there any good programs to help someone get out there to live maybe in a situation where you and a few others work together to remain self sufficient?
  9. FlyingFly

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    I've sent you message, I'll be thankful if you want to go through it :)
  10. cookiecache

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    I have seen a lot more problems than solutions in groups other than families/couples.... Tribes can do okay with larger groups.
  11. Dude111

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    Yes i feel the same way!!!!

    I hate what this world has become and I DONT WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE IN IT!! (I much prefer BEING ALONE than any other way!!)

    There are a few people i do associate with BUT ITS GROWN QUITE SMALL compared to how i used to be BEFORE I WOKE UP AND REALISED HOW BAD IT REALLY HAS GOTTON..
  12. tikoo

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    you don't die from dropping out . it will also mean
    you are able to give more than you need or receive .
    don't want to give anything ? who cares . nobody
    will know exactly what you have and won't ask you for any
    thing .

    someone might ask of your secret though .
  13. we cannot live out side of society because society wont let us 40acres of land in the northern parts of ontario canada costs 30,000$ cdn they give it away i live there for 20years i was raised beside a amish mennonite settlement who completly lives off the grid however there still forced to sell baked goods syrup chikens build homes etc to the white man in order to pay the taxes of their land i suppose a fat bank account could take care of this but its a rat race and saving money is easier said than done even communes have to make money..im suggesting moving to the interior of alaska and digging deep into the land to elude uncle sam....
  14. Mudwendigo

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    To believe in something and not act on it, is dishonest.
  15. Mudwendigo

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    A commune could totally work, sell lumber for taxes and homemade drugs for everything else.
  16. Capt._Obvious

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    Exactly, Mudwendigo. Fight the fight for it's own sake.
  17. foresting

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  18. Sure i felt like that but it was in the past when i was young. I didn't go to high school. I hitchiked the USA in 1967 on and never looked back. I got by working on farms and staying clear of cities. I found a few cool spots off the sides of freeways and roads where no people ever go. I did though settle in with some other hippies back then and we started a ranch called the Too highs or too high earth ranch. However, i still felt like i wasn't free bt a slave doing all the hard work while they rest partied all the time. So i left and went back east and got involved in a business rebuilding old homes and running recovery homes for ex drug addicts and alcoholics.. I then went to school and finished high school in a semester in college. I then went on and got two associates but i did it for enrichment not for a career. I have never had a career. I have just done lots of different stuff mostly out in forest where there are lots of trees. I don't like cities because well we all came from cities and most got caugh up as you say working for the man / corporations. I am now older and am a caregiver and bought a little 6 acre farm for 58k and am having fun rebuilding it and living a simple life. Yes i have started a recycling center and built 6 apartments and 6 houses all basically green homes using very little energy and yes i helped many recovering peeps get their lives together and yes i have had 200 acre farms and sold them and opened up homless shelters for transgender people and then i became homeless myself. But if you don't live life and experience it what else is there? Working for the man ??? no way jose ! If your a hard worker and love to work like i do yo can always do well out there helping other people. I mean like do you have to own it??? I say no way because in the end you ain't taking it with you and you don't want to spoil your kids with a bunch of in heritance. Hey i ain't getting anything and that ok. I am my moms caregiver though and she is 89 and cool. thats cool hh i now wipe her butt and put her to bed lol .. yepper its ok you can follow your own dreams just so long as you don't get all hng up about stuff and as long as your healthy and help others and don't want to own it.. I mean like Jess said its harder for a rich man to get to heaven than it is for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle .. thats cool .. yes i am poor but thats cool too because lots of people are cool. Oh i live right next to amish and mennonites who are good people and work hard. they like me to help them and drive them and well i fond a whole different world from those career peeps.. have fun peace and love and keep it green Amazon D
    PS: MY U key doesn't always work lol
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  19. Remember you should always start a garden growing food every yr just for the learning expererince. Try volunteering for a farm by going to http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/opport or go to http://www.growfood.org/ or go to http://reach.ic.org/postings/ and work with other people. When people say there isn't a job thats when there are lots of jobs that need to be done like helping the elderly or gardening or cleaning up a junk pile.. If you do these things older people will see your willing and able and they will hire you or feed you or help you. Never ever say i can't find work.. the whole world needs a lot of help fixing it back up..
  20. Hey my friend mark creekwater peacewalker was just at my place in the beginning of the week. He left college and has been walking all over the USA since the 80's.. He knows all the places.. he is on his way to wash DC then to Phila for the july 4th www.the99declaration.org convention.. He can teach you all about where to go to. google him "Mark Creekwater"

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