does anyone unschool??

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  1. I'm going to be homeschooling this LO and I can't wait.
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    If I have children, and I hope I do, I will definitely "unschool" them. It has always made sense to my mind even though I am product of government school and traditional homeschooling.
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    Hey Now!
    I've been unschooling for the past three years, left public school at the end of 8th grade.
    Been a great time, and I totally recommend it.
    Passions really do shine in unschooling man.

    Another book to check out is the "The Teenage Liberation Handbook: how to quit school and get a real life and education" by Grace Llewellyn. It's about...well, quitting school.
    She also runs a camp called "Not Back To School Camp" (which I'll be attending in a couple of weeks) which is a camp run for unschoolers & homeschoolers.
  4. we can tell by your spelling that you have been there.
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    I'm unschooled! Always have been. But I'm starting public school next year.
  6. nirvana98

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    I'm unschooled! Always have been. But I'm starting public school next year.
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    Wow I've thought of that before, but I didn't know it actually existed!! That's incredible, I only wish I would have known that in time to convince my parents.. Ive always believed that about learning through experiences, the real world is much different than the boxed prison we call school. Though, there are some social things in school that I respect.. Probably only cause of drugs tho haha
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    I have two unschooled teens. My younger one went to the Not Back To School Camp that Celtic Hippie mentioned, and had a great time.

    He also attended the New England Unschooling Conference outside of Boston in August.

    I'm not a "radical" unschooler. I think skills such as reading, writing, and basic arithmetic need to be practiced. But I believe in waiting, if possible, until a child shows readiness and interest.
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    This is our third year OUT of public school, and I only have one regret... and that is that I wish I'd never even sent my kids to public school in the first place! Since we stopped public school I feel that our eyes have really been opened, and I truly encourage everyone to homeschool/unschool if they can. My children don't have the peer pressure any more, they are free to read and learn and grow as they want to and can express themselves freely. No political indoctrination... no lining up at the sound of the bell.

    We are relaxed homeschooling//unschoolers. Which means mostly we do natural learning through work and play and life experiences but we also do some work books too for math and religion. (we are Catholics). As far as science and history go, my kids select their own books and read and we attend reenactments and so forth. If my daughter wants to spend months learning about recycling in our area, then I find all I can for her. Right now she is into local organic agriculture... Yes I am proud! :) She is quite the environmentalist. :)
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    I too, recommend this book. :daisy:
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    You know, some of that brain washing propaganda that they teach in schools can actually help you make sense of the knowledge that can be harnessed from understanding how to harness the English language correctly. I've got a feeling though that you where not properly "brainwashed".

    (BTW, school might have a ton of useless information, but using language properly is the most important thing anyone can ever learn, whether from public or private schooling, home schooling, or any other form of education.)
  14. I have a daughter that we have recently started home schooling here in Phoenix, AZ. Does anyone know of any local groups of like minded individuals? I know she would love to make some other friends that are home schooled.

    By the way, I cant believe we waited this long to get her out of the government school system. I only hope we can get her brother out before it's to late.LOL
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    Would you teach them that's how you spell definitely?

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