does anyone unschool??

Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by peacelove&music, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. does anyone unschool or at least know what it is??

    if you do, do you like it??
  2. white dove

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    If u mean forget all the crap they try and fill ur head with at school, yeah man ive been there. Not in the sence of knolage just the brain wasing propergander, u could ask for an example tho ive since forgotten, just living free. Could u tell me ur thoughts and opinions?
  3. OhSoDreadful

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    I looked it up:
    for anyone that cares to read that

    This is definitely how I would teach my child, skip all the crap that has no actual application in the world today.
  4. good2bhome

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  5. OhSoDreadful

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  6. relli90

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    I was Unschooled! and in my opinion it is the best way to teach your kids! although at times I feel like I can't really relate to people because I don't look at things the same way, but its worth it believe me. Your kids will be themselves and not be what society tells us to be... LONG LIVE UNSCHOOLERS!
  7. :) that's awesome. i wish i could have been unschooled. if i ever have kids i will give them the choice for what they want to do and i sincerely hope that they choose to be unschooled. it just seems way more rewarding.
  8. julianneliam

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    Check out a book called Deschooling Society by Ivan illich I think.
  9. ChronicTom

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    Go check out this site.

    The person who runs this place now, is the product of homeschooling/unschooling. In fact, it is her parents that pushed the issue and made it possible for many many families to pursue this option, not just in Canada but other countries as well.
  10. acid_tripz222

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    definatley how i would teach.
  11. odon

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    Even if you are "un-schooled" I think spelling is still important.
  12. Fingermouse

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    :smilielol5: Odon, your grammar is the worst I've seen from a regular poster on this site. Now you're also the biggest hypocrite. It's still kind of endearing though.
  13. odon

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    You obviously don't read many posts. Plus, I was talking about spelling not grammar.
  14. Fingermouse

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    I've read enough of your posts, believe me. You're shit at spelling, too. No hard feelings though Ody, it's cute.
  15. odon

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    Awww, thanks.
    There is nothing wrong with my spelling, aside from the odd typo, butch.
    Aww, thanks. What's next on your list? My sense of humour?
  16. Oake

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    I unschool my children. We use a relaxed online curriculum just to cover the basics but beyond that we just learn through life.
  17. Bumble

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    According to John Holt, a child has to WANT to learn how to spell. :p
  18. Valdis

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    I think unschooling from the beginning is a great way for kids to learn with the natural passion that kids and almost all human beings have to learn before school stomps it out of them.

    To me, unschooling means following the interests of the students and what happens in life on a day to day basis.

    For instance, if you child is into bugs, you get bug books, videos and such at the library. During gardening, in the backyard or at the park or anywhere you and your child uses those times and places to notice bugs known and unknown to them.
  19. We are unschooling our kids. This is our "first" year, by that I mean the first official year that government mandates kids start in their structured system. In reality kids, and everyone, is constantly learning and unschooling is just fostering and helping that along. Our 3 year old already knows all the letters. It is passion she has and we help her whenever she is interested. This is really how "education" should be. When you take an interest in your kids' education you really see how different each person's learning style can be, which shows you how flawed public education really is.

    I can see a big difference between our kids and my nephew who goes to public school. He has such a hard time and gets really frustrated, and I don't blame him.

    Really in my opinion I don't see why we still have public education. With all the easy access to information we have these days, such as libraries and the internet, people can easily learn just about anything they want without going to a school building.

    If anyone wants to discuss unschooling and homeschool feel free to send a message. :)
  20. hahaha I wish my mom believed in "unschooling" half the crap i learn im never acctually going to use or come accross ever ... and yet if i dont get a certain grade i fail and i wind up in a pretty crappy situation....

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