Does Anyone Play Multiple Instruments?

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Motion, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Of all things I would like to learn piano. I browsed the forums and saw you play guitar. Very cool.
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  2. Friar Turk

    Friar Turk Dankin' and Tankin'

    guitar, strumming and rolling with the punches and lics
    and wailing or whaling with harmonicas under ocean, stone and mountain
    or stoned on the mountain
    and sinking like a stone
    under water harmonicas swallow whales or wail at the riptides
    ripping bones and kettling stones
    rolling kettles

    all alone with a banjo
    or up on stage with a microphone
    or nobody to call home
    no place to settle

    up on the moon, or on mars
    with settling pioneers
    who like to settle

    maybe i'll find a mandolin on my way to the stars
    sit out on some lawn
    on some un-named planet of Alpha Centauri B
    perhaps Tau ceti, where the harps make natural sounds
    with planets undescribed, atonal, unmatched by ratio
    some expectant new discipline of moaning sound
    the harmonics of the kettle drum
    the pitch and yaw of the keys
    the distorted call of the chorus

    and then we'd need a tambourine woman
    with swirling ships magic
    tongue dripping numb and honey
    boot heels clicking rhythm and against the chime
    of her tambourine

    and the smoke-rings ringing bells
    keeping the time of the fates
    for those who learn how to lose their hate
    the morning is a jingling
    and the old man is a-tuning and a jumping
    with the coo-birds cooing
    and the new birds calling
    he's got em all lined up on the line
    and their fretting about wandering
    or just wondering
    how the notes stay ringing

    with a pitchfork he'd sort em out gentle
    just fork up the night
    the sound of the light cymbal
    cybilling or lightly cymballing

    humming out some kettle-notes with the hot kambucha
    and purring symphonies of strings
    or playing the kettle off the oven shelf
    or the shelf of the lid under-ground,
    playing peacenotes with some legendary sage
    at the all night diner, rapped to the stage
    or sagacious fool who knows the rhyme of the night
    casting mystery in his runes
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  3. Scratched

    Scratched Member

    I watched a vid a few nights ago, a very enthusiastic and talented lady was playing two skin flutes at once.

    Now that was interesting.
  4. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    I'm a guitar player, singer, song writer. Out of necessity, I learned to play the bass, the drums, the keys, the pedal steel, mandolin, fiddle, and congas for recording. My recordings are all trial and error....lots of error. Here's how they came out......

    OurStage | Search results: R.J. HANGOVER
  5. magickman

    magickman Supporters HipForums Supporter

    Harmonica and Guitar.

    Does vocals count? I suppose they would.
  6. As of right now I'm learning to play the guitar and I might hire a teacher for guitar lessons since I'm a beginner at it. I've had someone offer to give me guitar lessons over Skype but it never worked out and haven't heard back from them. Before guitar I played the bass guitar and I had lots of fun with it.
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  7. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I can play any air related instrument.

    Air guitar air drum air turn tables just to name a few.
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  8. wilsjane

    wilsjane Member

    What are you like on the piano. A lot of people do not realize that it is a percussion instrument, since hammers hit the strings. LOL.
  9. wilsjane

    wilsjane Member

    In my college days, I played the violin in the orchestra. A difficult instrument because without frets, you need a perfect ear for tone. Today I only play the piano, so simple because you just press a button and the note comes out. All you need to do is press them in the right order without getting your fingers knotted together.
  10. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    I began with piano , and now having lived a long time have mastered a few others . All require perfect pitch , for
    this is what you think with . Play an extreme out-of-tune piano with grace and this will be discovered .
  11. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    I'd like to play with you....I've lived long too. Makes for a big repertuar. You live close to WV?
  12. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    I play the guitar, drums, percussion, harmonica, wooden recorder, and I do subtle things with keyboard.

    Lately I've also been training my voice more seriously as well.
  13. Old Body Young Mind

    Old Body Young Mind Supporters HipForums Supporter

    I play guitar, bass, and violin. I can play mandolin but don't own one. I find them all similar in their standard tuning. The bass being the same as the four lower strings of the guitar EADG. The violin and mandolin being the same four but flipped with G being the low string GDAE. I'm more proficient on guitar but can play the others with friends and not destroy the music. Music really does make the world a better place!
  14. Old Body Young Mind

    Old Body Young Mind Supporters HipForums Supporter

    I've got congas and a piano at the house also. Congas I can keep a beat with. Piano I can tinker with but not really play.
  15. jpdonleavy

    jpdonleavy Member

    Mainly piano and guitar much less. However, I began as a drummer but more or less gave it up when I had my first stint in the navy a few years after high school. My brother took over my drums and subsequently became a tympanist with a symphony. Dad and I loved drum solos (Buddy rich, Krupa, Lionel Hampton, Louis Bellson) but once the kid was educated he would just curl the lip and say he didn't do jazz any more - only classical

    Kilroy: the wee bugger
  16. Father Chug

    Father Chug New Member

    Guitar, a little bit of bass and keyboards. Drums were my first instrument. I singt too. Here is some of my music

  17. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    Hello , friend , just now noticed your message . The only thing that gets me out of the west and into
    the east is a rainbow gathering . The national will be near WV this year June/July . It's a fine place
    to dink with hillbilly jazz , echos in de' holler , drummin' on turtles .
  18. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    OMG! I will go with can stay at my place....We'll get some tunes together in my studio...This will be my 16th...I'll PM you.
  19. Delfynasa

    Delfynasa Member

    I am learning ukulele at the moment but I also play pennywhistle and recorder.
    A short list but a good start.
    peace and warm fuzzies
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  20. rjhangover

    rjhangover Senior Member

    Drummin' on Turtles? Do you stay at Turtle Soup camp? I've stayed there many times.

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