Do you trust the Media?

Discussion in 'The Media' started by PhotoDude, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. AmyDaugherty

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    no no no no trust at all. they cant be trusted anymore here with...
  2. Internet can now give you much more different sources and you can build your own image what's really going one (when you go through all the sources of course)

    But really the news looks something like this:

    Hello I'm your tv host and we are bringing you the news which you have heard on the internet two hours ago.
  3. The media don't like us. They don't hate us either. Actually, they just think that everyone who isn't a corporate businessman/woman is a sucker waiting to buy their crap about anything they can turn into a half decent story. But that's all it is. A story made by some selfish person who's looking to get a promotion for possibly ruining someone else's life. All I have to say to them is:
    "i'm not one of those suckers".
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  4. AmyDaugherty

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    no i dont trust them at all. sometimes they totally mislead the viewers and readers with fake news..
  5. YouFreeMe

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    It's hard to fully trust something that is ultimately out to make money.
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  6. PhotoDude

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  8. RIPTIDE59

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    I DO trust the lame stream media. I trust them to cheer for the islamification of the west. I trust them to promote revenue sharing. I trust the media to "prop up" a socialist despot in DC. To be a cheerleader for that regime.

    For a more unbiased presentation check out Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs. Time to wake up. File to divorce the left wing media.
  9. Asmodean

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    Why would the western media do that? Care to explain? Thanks in advance :2thumbsup:
  10. RIPTIDE59

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    Sure , islamification is being at least ignored if not appeased by the media and DC as well. The lame coverage of the Fort Hood and bengagazi hate crimes seem to create enough of an example. Millions of dollars leaves this country via islamic business and is given to overseas terror groups. Again , ignored. Bombing plots , "honor" killings , clit removal , all ignored or appeased ; sometime encouraged. Oh, yeah , the left, PC 4th estate might as well be be in demasskiss for the objectivity given to Judeo Christian , values.
  11. Asmodean

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    It is appeased? By american media? Can anyone confirm that :p 'At least being ignored' is something pretty different than 'cheering for' the islamification of the west though. Clit removal is appeased by western media? Really? Can you give an example.
  12. 6-eyed shaman

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    Everyone has to rely on at least a few sources to stay informed in one way or another...

    That said, I bet most users here who said no, actually trust the media in one way or another. It's is disgusting how many people believe Zero Dark Thirty tells a true story. Or inconvenient truth for that matter.
  13. laughing-buddha

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    Just remembered todays incidence

    Morning 7.30 AM, on my way to work,I am reading RSS news feed on my mobile

    BBC Reports- China is on Growth Track-Official PMI grew from 50.1 (June) to 50.3 in July. This feed is at 6.22 AM

    Next Feed from BBC at 7.05 AM says, China is showing Mixed growth trends, though there is growth, is it selective in certain sectors but manufacturing activity has slowed down a bit. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry.

    The feed from Reuters at 7.20 AM says- China HSBC PMI dips 11 month low in July and factory activity shrank for 3rd month in a row, signalling persistent pressure.

    Now, what do I conclude?
    6.22 AM- I read China is doing good,
    7.05 AM - I read, its not so good
    7.20 AM- I read, it is bad. In fact, worst in 11 months

    And then you want me to believe in Media?

    NO WAY . Rather than reporting facts, they are more interested in influencing our opinions
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  14. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    MSG 31 ! Certainly, clit removal and other muslim attrocities are just not reported. Why is the Fort Hood hatefest merely labeled "workplace violence"? Yes, appeasement. Perhaps by this year's ramadan "bomb-a-thon" you will have come to your senses.
  15. Well, I trust the news that's on the TV for the actual events. For example I didn't think that Fox lied about the Boston bombing. But the news world happens so fast, and is run by such frantic and overworked people that maybe those pictures of the possible bombers were just some random dude on the street blown all out of proportion. I like to think I know what to trust and what to dismiss.

    News sources for the most part are just another form of Entertainment. When they use real cities like New York, and talk about something that's reasonable to occur, it definitely stresses me out. So I don't watch it much.

    Sometimes my Gma has it on in the morning. There's a lot of news about car accidents recently. I believe that the car accident really happened. But then a bystander will come on and say something like "It looked intentional because... The driver got out of the car so quickly" and that's the part that leaves me disturbed and questioning. However I also know 10,000 people are watching it and they believe what the bystander says and go about their day as if its true. So it may as well be true.
  16. Ulver56

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    Depends what media it is if you're talking about the MSM. No I don't there just propaganda systems. But I am trusting some of the independent media like Russia today.
  17. Asmodean

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    Can you give an example of russian independant media?
  18. Dude111

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    Excellent....... Its good you are awake :)
  19. Question authority. Think for yourself.
  20. stormountainman

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    In the 91 and 01 Iraq wars, the media twisted the news, withheld the news, and mis-reported the news.

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