Do you fit your sign?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by dasiy, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    When you read about your sign, do really feel like you really really REALLY fit what it says?

    As for me I know I do!! *Gemini*
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  2. Yeah Everything but the " Looks " i missed out on that dept.
  3. there is no denying the fact that I am a pisces, born feb 20th. i am all that a pisces is and then some.
  4. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    Yeah me too. Mine said that Geminis are pretty and flurtaious,but those are about the only 2 trates I don't have.
  5. going back to the gemini flirtyness i think for gemini girls they are the ones who start flirting

    and for gemini guys, its more of playing along kinda thing

    For example this aquarious coworker always starts she smiles and looks at me sometimes touching, i always play along after she gets my attention.

    Other then that i'm not rally flirty, i know a gem girl who is a pure flirt and other times she changes it in to tears and anger just like that.

    By the way dasiy figure out who your other twin is???
  6. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    No but I know there is one there! I can be happy and cheery one second,and then turn into a total bitch. With a capital B!

    Question for you. Are you the "Thethirdbenjamin" that doesn't get along with "sprout" very well?
  7. LOL, its the leo bashing?? guilty as charged to be honnest if i get off the fact that he is a leo male he's actualy a good guy, i mean in a freind way.

    bad timing i'm noramly on my grummpier side when he's online, not my freindlier side.

    How do you like growing up with a leo???
  8. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    "sprout"s cool.*Useing his SN, because I don't know if he wants me to use his real name* He's a really nice person! He's not like the bosy person, like the Leo sign says they are. Well not around me at least. You'd have to talk to "moonshyne" about that one. But personaly I don't think he is, and our mom isn't either. But yeah, if you got to talking to him I think that you and him would get along fine. He's the kinda person that gets along with almost everybody!!
  9. one last question dasiy, you didn't ask that because of what i posted on the true confession section???

    But no the leo males i've all bumped into all think for themselves, i don't mind the leo females, but males i don't know.

    I had coop at a media company that prints newspapers and the boss was a leo talk about arrogance.

    His office was the most decorated room in the building even more decorated then the CEO's.
  10. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    No. I don't even think I read that. And if it's bad, I don't think I want to. :)
  11. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    Oh yeah. Do you have any kind of messenger? Like MSN or Yahoo?
  12. I have an aries moon so sometimes i think like an aries, with bitterness and ready to fightness, if thats a word.

    I use to but i had to reinstall everything on my computer, so MSN is on my todo list.
  13. I'm trying to burn the next hour, i'm basicly waiting untill it becomes officaly thursday.

    I get paid on thursday so, i'm trying to think of something as i wait,

    maybe its me i don't know i talk when i get borred, how bout you i heard its a gemini trait.
  14. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    That sounds like me. I have a VERY short fuse.

    You should get it soon. I'd love to talk to you on there!
  15. no litteraly when i'm bored all talk, i use to talk to some aquarious girl, but it alway ended to the point where i'm tired i'm goona go to bed.

    So ya i'm talking now to burn the next hour.
  16. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    I talk ALOT when I get tired!!! Always have.

    Hey do you have any pictures of you?
  17. Not my computer thought, i'm noramlly in the astrology froum anyway.

    Speaking of astrology get a chart done on for free.

    Going back to the gem thing other then talking, i whould say never expect more out of another gem.

    Not that i accuse you or anything, buy my freinds sister is a gem, i talk with her all the time also, but sometimes she can be moody.

    you'd think too gem's whould understand each others natures but no.

    Thats one of the reason's why i stay out of the UK forums, one of the users is a gem I use to talk to her all the time but i don't know she's kinda in diffrent now
  18. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    Yeah. What sign is most compatible with Gem?
  19. It depends on the chart for me i whould say Aries, aquarious and libra, sometimes other gem's and Leos

    It depends thought and what signs are in your chart, i have mostly air signs so air signs do well for me most of the time.

    but to answer your question i'd say aquarious, but thats based on my opinion.
  20. dasiy

    dasiy Member

    Oh. So how old are you? It doesn't say under your name.

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