Do you believe in astrology?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Robofish, Oct 27, 2012.

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    I do believe in it yes, it wasn't for a while though in my teen years that I started to believe in it when I started reading things and so much seemed similar between me and others who had birthday's closer that it allowed me to start to believe that it really could be true.
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  3. YouFreeMe

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    Astrology is interesting, and it can be fun, but I wouldn't put too much stock into it. A friend, who is a bit of an astro aficionado, says that you can't really understand yourself from an astrological perspective until you know your rising sign.

    I don't know how true it is, but apparently just knowing your "sun sign" doesn't give you a clear picture.
  4. Mr.Writer

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    There is when you believe a fictional system of astro-psychology on the basis of a handful of confirmation-bias events. In other words, you're not doing your homework very well.

    Imagine if you believed Santa Claus was real on the basis of your personal experience of receiving christmas presents . . . clearly this is not an optimal way to live, ya?
  5. ThePoetSappho

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    yep! the sun sign only gives a general image of the individual. the rising shows how they are perceived by others; their moon is their emotions, their mercury is how they communicate with others, their Venus is their love, chrion their woundedness and ability to help others, etc.
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    only to a point. i mean i share a lot of qualities of a taurus. the interesting thing is me my mom and my sister are all taurus and we share these "qualities". there was an article i read and then googled to research more on a month or so ago, saying we are actually one zodiac sign behind what we are told we are. basically just google "your astrology sign is false" or so and it will show up.
    i just feel after time, reading my horoscope as much as i have, that its generalization. you can say "you may be having a hard time making an important decision right now. "(yes ofcourse i may be, its always a possibility) "but you need to tune into your intuition a little more before you make any rash decisions" (who doesn't need to tune into their intuition a little more? esp. before rash decisions)
    you see what im saying?
    to me, its advice. if i find anything that can prove me otherwise, i'll most definitely look into it. but who doesn't need advice? i have a daily horoscope app on my phone that, even as a given skeptic, as you can see, i look at it daily. because they're always very generic and one point or another can point to something going on in our lives we can relate to, and horoscopes are used for self-improvement.
    so it may be generic but it "captivates" us (upon belief, especially) to look at certain aspects and improve each given one daily.

    with that being said, i do believe in our own personal energies and i can see how potentially, being born on a specific day (or really, a specific season) could effect us as individuals. for example. let's say you are born in april (as i am). april is spring in north america, and therefor nice weather. when your birthday (as a child the most exciting time of the year, besides christmas perhaps). so therefore its given you will have certain "specific" personality traits based on the weather during an exciting time of the year. of course as we get older (im 25) we care less about our birthday. or at least not care as much as we did before. but the "tradition" and "nastalgia" is still there. so we develop relations with our birth date.

    in conclusion i don't really put a lot of faith into horoscopes, though i find them interesting. mainly because of the "advice" aspect. because who couldnt use a little advice now and then? its good to have. i look at my horoscope and try to tune into w/e it is telling me whether its "stand your ground more at work" or "be more symapethic towards your romantic partner". what i find is, it never gives me "bad" advice. and the apps i use (and i have used a lot) are pretty much always sympathetic and nonjudgemental
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    There was a study done once, collage level psych class, where they had everybody fill in their details, birth date/time/location...all that jazz. This was then sent off to a service for a complete astrology write up. When the professor got the results back he handed them back to the class, but he handed them back to the wrong students on purpose. Everyone was to comment on how accurate they were. Something like 90% said they were dead on descriptions of themselves...

    Beware of collage level psyche classes... They are quite often unpaid psyche experiments.
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  8. Asmodean

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    Yes, I thoroughly believe that astrology exists. Not sure if it works though :p
  9. themnax

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    not implicitly, but i do believe simultaniety happens. and that it can be a source of stimulating ideas.

    are certain personality types more likely to be born certain years or certain times of year? possibly.

    we do live in a statistical universe.

    is there anything absolute about it?

    no. we live in a statistical universe.
  10. I've always believed in Astrology, but I don't think a lot of it is true. However I do believe that it exists and makes sense to a certain extent. I'm more interested in birthday charts than Astrology you read from day to day. I don't believe what my sign says each day of the week but sometimes I read it just to see what it says but I never take it seriously.
  11. Just_a_woman

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    It's amazing there are still people believing in such absurd things as astrology, gods and other superstitions in 2014!
  12. jesivav

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    Of course . Why not believe in astrology. Its something extra that you get to know about your self, take free will and
    Like I believe that you do have a ruling planet and you were born under a specific month for a reason. I mean isn't everything in this life for a reason? How can you close your eyes to what else is out there
  13. IMjustfishin

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    to anyone that believes in this, my question is:

    do you have ANY idea the mathematics involved with calculating the planets rotation and the rotation of other solar systems, while simultanously calculating the rotation of our solar system? its literally rocket science!

    if you think that you know anything about where a certain star was at a certain time, most likely your wrong. sorry to burst your bubble.

    but thats not even the biggest problem with astrology. nobody has yet to answer why they think other planets/stars influence them in any way here on earth.
  14. Its V

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    I do to some extent, for me personally i feel that my star sign (pisces) relates to me a lot, looked at all of the areas of my sign too and it is quite spot on. It's fun to think about. :)
  15. Hollnow

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    it provides comfort to people who want to believe that the world is more ordered and structured than it is
  16. YouFreeMe

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    Astrology, if you dig deep into the intricacies of it (beyond the sun signs that most of us are familiar with it), can be fascinating and provide some insight. Try and look up your natal chart! You'll be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information that you can find from there.

    Do I believe it? I'm not sure. I have a hard time believing anything.
  17. MeatyMushroom

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    As a personality profile it's intriguing as long as you don't limit yourself to it, but that goes for any PP.

    As far as horoscopes go, they can suck my little John-Thomas.
  18. thedope

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    Horoscopes are not useful as predictors of events but they are useful in predicting celestial influences. A horoscope is a solar chart indicating the position in the zodiac of certain features in relation to your own spiraling position. You can know for example when an opportune time to plant crops by observing the cycles of the sun in relation to the weather and plant growth. Whether or not you actually plant crops in that time period has nothing to do with horoscopes
  19. MeatyMushroom

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    Hmm, interpreted yourself or by others?
  20. Irminsul

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    I find this one pretty accurate:


    I don't know though, maybe there is something to it. I don't believe the ancients observed the skies for nothing, they were quite good at predictability and alike. -shrug-
    Though if it did mean something, I don't think it means much anymore.
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