Do you believe in astrology?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Robofish, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Well call your cable provided and ask for the Science Channel. Watch "Into The Worm Hole" with Morgan Freeman. Look up videos on quantum science, and how everything is a wave of energy until it is perceived by consciousness, then it turns into a particle.

    Everything is energy condensed to slow vibration, like bill hicks said. It condenses into solid form, like gas condenses into liquid then a solid.

    All the forms of energy of different states of the same thing, energy is produced from magnets, energy is produced from chemicals, energy still is potential, energy in motion is kinetic.

    And if all of that is too cliche for you then read the book, My Big Toe by Thomas Campbell. He explains the metaphysical realms of reality with real scientific observation, years of research, actual documented experiences, and he is able to put it into a logical scientific format which is easy to understand.
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    I would call the cable company, but we don't have cable, or television, we gave that up years ago since so much of it is trash, and biased reporting. I understand energy, but what you were talking about is specific kinds of energy, that would have to be directed somehow. I understand astrology as a means of determining seasons, which is nothing more than knowing that when this planet and those planets are in a certain position, then voila! It is spring.

    I don't know who bill hicks is, sorry. I do understand how all matter is simply energy in a different form, but this does not make sense to me so far as astrology is concerned.

    So, then, where does "love" energy come from? I know that energy can be redirected through mechanical means, or the mixing of chemicals, but I don't understand how an emotional state can be construed as energy.

    I will look for the book. Sorry, not trying to give you a hard time, just trying to understand. Metaphysical and supernatural "things" are difficult concepts to get my head around, since I am a pretty strong believer in the scientific method of explaining things. To quote: "Metaphysics is the philosophical study of the nature of our existence. Modern scientists consider this area as opposite to the scientific method. Metaphysics is the collective processes that are beyond basic physics principles. "

    So, this all still tells me that astrology is in the realm of emotional thinking, where people want it to be true, for an emotional need.
    I will read that book, though, and maybe garner some more insights from that, thanks for the info.
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    Ok, I will have to take back part of that last post on this subject. I just watched a bunch of videos Tom Campbell did on his books and other subjects and I don't believe a word of it. Physicist or not, the guy is tripping. All he does is offer theories with no proof. He says he has these experiences, and talks about documentation, but never offers any, no tapes, nothing, so I don't think I will waste my money on the books. There are simply too many wanna be jesus types like this who do nothing other than to provide fuel for emotional needs. So, no thanks. I will stick to my original assessment of astrology.
    Can the sort of tests they did (Him, Monroe and the others) affect how we perceive things? Of course. If you overload your sensory organs in any way, your brain will probably not be able to properly process what you see around you. Does this mean there are alternate realms or realities? It is a possibility, but so far, no solid evidence has been presented to prove it. So, I think I will choose to ignore what this "scientist" presents, since he does not present any facts, just conjecture.
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    ^You are right, finding documentation on this stuff is almost impossible. It seems like you would have to know some people to get the documents from Monroe Labs.

    But if there is actually documentation he claims to have done all sorts of test that prove a lot of esoteric things to be true. Such as energy bodies, out of body experiences, time travel and things. Tests where 2 people completely blocked off from each other both have an out of body experience and meet each other out of body. They report the same thing, and yet physically they were completely blocked from each other.

    Now as for Astrology, each planet has its own vibratory signature that it resonates on. Its own discrete package of energy. When this planets energy comes into play, it may effect your own energies. You then start functioning according to that planets vibrations. You pick up its vibes. If the planet effects your relationships, we consider it love planet. If it effects your wealth, then its a money planet. Different planetary alignments give off different combinations of vibrations, which cause different effects on your consciousness.

    Have you ever noticed at a certain time all you can think about sex and wanting a relationship. Then others times its like you could care less about that and you are more worried about your career.

    Science has already proved a lot of this. The studies seem few and far between because it gets pushed under the rug, but its there. Its breaking out a lot more now. It seems so farfetched for some people, its seems people don't want to believe it. It changes their reality too much. But whether you believe it or not it is there. Everything lives off this energy, everything effects everything else. The way the moon is positioned, may determine whether you choose coffee or tea today.
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    It is interesting, I'll grant you that. I am just one of those people who has to have hard facts for something before I accept it as real. When I was younger I had a great interest in these divination cards, like tarot, but you laid out the cards in a certain way after shuffling, then you read them according to how the author of them determined. They never worked for me, and I drifted away from that sort of thing. Astrology to me is a lot like that. You are supposed to divine what is going to happen, or how you are supposed to react according to some formula, but it has never worked for me. Like I said, I wish it would, it would be a great thing to have something help guide us through our lives, very comforting. But... I have never had any of those things work for me, and I really tried to make them work according to the rules that have been set up for them.
    I don't really notice having different desires on different days. When I feel well enough, my wife and I have sex. We don't really dwell on that, just get it on when the mood hits. We have had a great relationship since we were both 15, and have been together since then, and married since we were 18, so relationships with anyone else have never been an issue. I drink my coffee every day, and only drink tea if my coffee is gone and I don't want to make more. I drink yerba mate' or other medicinal teas if I need them. I have never worried about careers, or anything like that, I just make each day work depending on what comes up during it.
    My wife is the same as me, different tastes, like she prefers tea to coffee, that sort of thing. Maybe I just have no need for guidance like that. I find everything like astrology just silly, for some reason. Religions that have supernatural beliefs the same. Our beliefs are very much secular, and we even started our own "church" based on them, and there is nothing supernatural about it. It is all nature based, to be sure, but we don't view nature as anything supernatural either. The Universe to us is just something that came into being in a manner we will never know, so far as we are concerned.
    So, anyway, not trying to denigrate what you believe in either, just can't really understand it, I guess. To me, it is all just emotional thinking. We want so bad for there to be some sort higher authority to guide us that we make things up so that we don't have to take as much responsibility for ourselves. We even tried to be better Christians at one point, thinking that was what we were supposed to do. We spent 4 years of intense study on that, and in the end decided it was nothing but bullshit. I studied with a rabbi during that time also, since Judaism is tied into that, and decided that was a bunch of hooey also. Just too many questions with unsatisfactory answers.
    Thanks for talking, by the way, inthydreams, even though I don't agree with astrology, I have enjoyed the conversation.
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    To each his own. Its actually a good quality to be skeptical until it begins to make sense in your own reality. But I am glad that you were open to listening, and trying to understand the possibility. It was quite nice conversing.

    I wasn't being as literal as to say you will choose coffee or tea if you barely even drink tea. But just certain simple decisions like that maybe affected like that. Since you have been in a relationship for awhile, an astrologer might say you have a good connection with Mars. And when you and your wife argue for what seems like no reason, it might because mars in waning out of phase. Or if you and your wife decide to go out for a special occasion, Mars might be correctly aligned for your sign. Or something like that. Either way do what you do, and just go with the flow, that is the best way to live.
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    Yes i believe in astrology. Every thing what will be happen in your life you know from astrology.
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    Hey don't diss Virgo's man...I take it you are one?...I know Because I'm one too...I think I will switch to Chinese astrology too! We always get a bad press...Equal rights for Virgo hippie whales...Now!
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    Please cite your sources.
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    Still Kicking,

    Man has a tendency to takes things to the extremes in trying to find THE answer. Astrologers, Theologists and psychologist all have taken something simple and pure and diluted it with many variations and "truths". That's why there are so many opinions in this world, we all are at the level of truth we have taken the time to learn and figure out. It doesn't happen with out time and effort.

    I have looked at Astrology for the past 40 years and I keep falling back to the simple truth that learning the traits of our Signs is all we need to help us understand why we are different from others. There are simple patterns we can learn to help us understand the Signs, they give us shortcuts in how our behaviors differ. understanding the 4 Elements will help people see how those people around them are driven to act.

    Astrology doesn't predict our destiny only the potentials we can learn by knowing our traits and abilities. One thing I always tell people is that our environment, those struggles and experiences we have as we grow up will direct us and affect the choices we make, but those choices are based on the Signs we have in us.

    I do charts for people but all I do is try to help you see your Signs from a psychological basis: feelings, emotions and thoughts. If you would give me your date, time and place I could help you maybe understand the traits that got you to the point you are right now.

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    I am a skeptic, but I can't ignore the huge resonance I have with astrology, so yes, through my own personal witness and experience, I believe in it.
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    I'm very skeptical but I have gotten some use out of it. However, I don't think horoscopes can tell your future or what kind of day you're gonna have. That's just impossible.

    This sums up my view on astrology as well.
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    I often read my horoscope & some have events that do eventuate particially or fully.
    Some of it's just coincidence. Some predictions I read, I wish would occur thou !
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    Somewhat skeptical. What I find interesting is that the descriptions given to the signs are detailed and not vague. For example, one sign is very introverted while the other is very extroverted. One sign might want a few close friends while another prefers a lot of friends. That seems like quite a gamble to make. Also, you have to consider that this is a tradition that has thousands of years behind it so there must be SOMETHING to it.

    I am a Scorpio and I find that it fits me perfectly. The organ of a Scorpio is their sex organ and I've always found myself to be a very sexual being. The thing with Scorpio's is that they are not promiscuous even though you'd expect that they would be. They try to seek a very committed relationship and are very patient with it. Some may even wait all their lives. They often view sex as a spiritual endeavor; a means to meld with another soul.
  17. I believe in that just as much as I believe in Santa Claus.
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    As a Scorpio, I couldn't agree more.
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    I believe that people believe in astrology
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    Astrology can give people insight on various points in our personality that needs transformation. So many people lack insight, which is why Pluto is such a powerful planet. With it, we can gain the answers to our problems, work through them no matter how bad it hurts to know we have to change, and finally heal from it.

    Astrology isn't a science, it's an art. It's like meditation and yoga or therapy for the mind.

    But you have to be shown the TRUTH about astrology in order to really understand how helpful it can be, and so many websites barely scratch the surface. All they talk about is Sun signs...or "zodiac signs", missing the 10 other signs that are important, the house, and the aspects too. sigh. This is to get a natal chart. sign up for a free account! go to free horoscopes on the left hand side, press horoscope drawings, extended chart, edit data, you may need birth time which you can get from birth certificate or parent, or for now, use 12 noon though not recommended. Press blue button. A good place for all 10 of your signs, and rising sign A good place for aspects A good place for house placements A good place to learn about planets in houses

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