Do not home school your kid!

Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by ToFunToDie, May 22, 2009.

  1. Lostthoughts

    Lostthoughts Thostloughts

    I've been homeschooled my whole life and am now a junior. Looking back I kinda wish I would have at least gone to high school. But dude, get out of the house and do shit. Meet people, hang out. Kill the steriotype that people have set and make friends. People are really supprised when I say I'm homeschooled cause I'm not a friendless nerd.

    If you don't try, it won't happen. Don't blame it on being homeschooled.
  2. sadist

    sadist Banned

    i was homeschooled through high school and through pre-k til grade three.
    during the latter period i loved it. but high school got a bit depressing for me. i really lost all my friends lol and didnt have any for those years. no drugs, no sex. i missed out on teenage years. i wish i didnt have to be homeschooled then.
  3. PB_Smith

    PB_Smith Huh? What? Who, me?

    Wait a minute, I thought you posted elsewhere that when you were 16 you were screwing a guy in his 30's.

    That is what I mean by your posts are inconsistant and reek of bullshit.
  4. Sleeper

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    I used to be 100% against homeschooling because it really does shelter. I have a cousin who is in homeschooling and he is so busy and active with other kids his age (13) that he doesn't even notice. I know for sure that he is getting a better textbook education and he seems to be pretty well rounded but i'm sure that's dependent on a lot more than the way you teach your kid.
  5. sadist

    sadist Banned

    i meant no sex with kids my age.
    fucking random older guys doesnt really count in the eyes of highschoolers.
  6. PB_Smith

    PB_Smith Huh? What? Who, me?

    Sure it does. Where in the hell do get that idea?
  7. sadist

    sadist Banned

    we all have different perspective. i could be wrong though. lets ask the scientists and astronauts, they seem to know the objective truth
  8. PB_Smith

    PB_Smith Huh? What? Who, me?

    We home schooled for a while, mainly because they wouldn't let my daughter who was in kindergarten at the time enter the Gifted And Talented Education program, even though she scored at a 3rd grade level in the tests. She did skip 1st and 2nd grade though and entered 3rd grade ahead of her peers and a year early.
    Then my daughters wanted to go to public school. Now in high school, they both are in all honors and AP classes with 4.+ GPA's and my 17 year old scored a 1990 on her SAT last spring.

    It really depends on what the parents and the child bring to the table and how they make use of the resources available.
    We also know some kids who are home schooled exclusively and their social calendars are all centered around educational pursuits. Those kids are socially way behind their peers.

    It all boils down to how well balanced and enriching the parents make the child's environment.
  9. gypsy_queen79

    gypsy_queen79 Member

    To sum up my feelings, which would end up taking a whole page if not summarized, grow up and learn that life isn't always happy and you can't always have your way.

    I was in home school for the greater portion of my schooling. My sons are in an online charter school and had home school the old fashioned way for a few years before that. They tried public school and it was a joke. My oldest was able to complete three grades in two years and tested into a higher than entry level ninth grade curriculum. The youngest is headed the same way. Would they be able to do that in public school? No and they'd have been bored out of their minds in the process, just as I was in public school.
    I think instead of griping about how cheated you feel, you should thank your parents for caring enough to do what they thought was best for you and not just throwing you out the door to the public school wolves like many parents would.
  10. relli90

    relli90 Member

    I am an "unschooler" and although I do have to work harder on being social and such I am so grateful to my mum for letting my sisters and I grow and learn what we needed when we needed. I look at the world so differently from others my age, I have not been saturated with pop culture. I think that for some home schooling is not a healthy option but I feel that it has made me more open to different views and opinions and has let me be myself through and through. I shaped myself and the way I think and feel, not other peoples judgements or "history" I wouldn't change that for anything.

    much love and peace
  11. wild-flowers

    wild-flowers forever arbitrary

    Some people have no friends and went to highschool. Having two good friends is better then none.
  12. Nina86

    Nina86 Member

    I guess home schooling would sound pretty isolated.
    Children really have to be out and experience the world, meet new people and go through all sorts of situations.
  13. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    Sometimes HOME SCHOOLING is better!

    The kid is not subjected to the mainstream garbage they force on kids in school,etc...

    Many think HOME SCHOOLING is the only way they really get a good learning :)
  14. Nina86

    Nina86 Member

    It's funny how you put HOME SCHOOLING in upper-case letters.
    Well I went to public schools from K-12 and we weren't thrown into anything. It was all about education and connecting with many other students with different backgrounds really. It may be different with private schools as many know. I really enjoyed going to public schools and I had no other choice because both of my parents were working class people, they worked all week and even weekends for overtime.
  15. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    No back then it wasnt so bad,im talking about NOWADAYS in school! (Its better to be home schooled (In my opinion))
  16. gypsy_queen79

    gypsy_queen79 Member

    Add to that the fact that it is acceptable to teach revisionist history. Sorry, but I want my boys learning the truth.
    Some of this curriculum puts Nam off as a little police action, instead of the WAR that it was, or how about covering up Nazi concentration camps or the whole Nazi issue all together. I know people who lived through both and it is not the fiction that these "history" books are portraying. Or, lets try the Native Americans, who according to many of the "historians" were well paid for their troubles and had nothing to complain about.
    I can make sure my sons don't get their heads filled with that crap, if I home school them.
  17. Lostthoughts

    Lostthoughts Thostloughts

    what history books in public schools teach that nam wasnt a war and deny the holocost?
  18. Nina86

    Nina86 Member

    When I went to school, we learned about World War II and clearly about the horrible things that took place by the Nazis. We also learned about the Vietnam War.
    There might be some dumb teachers out there who would try to do that but usually you can report them to the school for the false information they are teaching children.
  19. braininavat2

    braininavat2 Member

    ToFun, I feel for you. I think home schooling is absurd. Every parent thinks there is nothing wrong with their kid and they are happy. I'm sure reality is a bit different in the kid's mind than what the parents in this thread think.
    You should get a part time job at a place for sr year that has kids around your age. A ton of friendships get formed that way sr year that supersedes school.
    Biggest thing though is make sure to get away from your parents and dorm for college. Sure you missed out on going to school, it is fun..Living away for college though is the time of your life. You can still have that and a ton of people miss out on that experience.
  20. NomadQueen

    NomadQueen Member

    I was mostly home schooled but did go to public school for a couple years. I can say I learned more and made more friends in home school. I'm sorry that wasn't the case for you. But not every one is going to have it bad like you did. I know a few people that are so grateful they were home schooled. my younger brother is home schooled and when he was 15 they tested him and said he was past the 12th grade level on everything. I thing it provides some unique opportunities and methods to learn so it has it up sides but I know you have to get to gather with other home schooler or other groups or it can be harder to get the same opportunities to meet people. Both me and my brothers got to choose home school or public and we tried public but we didn't get what we needed from it.

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