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    I never thought that any girl would object to that so I just did. If we had intercourse I would give them another orgasm orally which meant licking up my fresh semen. I have had quite a few women who wanted me to eat my own cum. My wife is one of them is was our girlfriend. They froze some in an ice cube tray and the next time we had sex they would put the frozen cum in my mouth where it would begin to melt. A few times our girlfriend had me masturbate a few times into the same condom the week before she was coming over. She did all sorts of things with my cum. She would pour some on her breast, but and in my mouth.

    I lived with a girlfriend who had sex with a few men each week and then would come home and sit on my face until she had an orgasm. Then I got to pick any way I wanted to have sex. I often tasted the cum of other men. Same in orgies and other forms of group sex. Sooner of later you will be with a woman who has been with at least one other guy, often several. In my day and age there was no AIDS and condoms were used to prevent pregnancy but most girls were on the Pill or used a Diaphragm so no need for a condom. It was a different time where men mostly got STDs from prostitutes. So there was cum everywhere and you just get used to it.

    Most women loved when I went down on them after I came in them. They came very fast and some liked to watch. Some even kissed me afterwards. The key to great sex is communication. I have met so many people with sexual fetishes, kinks or fantasies that never tell their spouse about it and go unfulfilled. I do not see that being objectionable to your wife. All she needs to do is lay there and you do all the work. I will warn you of something that most of us find out. Once you cum you lose all interest in licking up your own cum. It takes many times of doing it to be able to do it right after you cum. You will find out what I mean if you try it. Best bet is to save it some way and then pour it on your wife and then lick it up before you orgasm. Otherwise it will repel you as it does to most men.

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