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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by ajmac24, May 26, 2015.

  1. ajmac24

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    Hi guys,

    I'm Aries and have been with my Scorpio wife for 6 years, married for 2. I'd say I'm a typical Aries, my wife is very sunny and bubbly, maybe not the typical Scopio? Quietly very jealous though. Also unusually for a Scorpio she is very non sexual. Since marrying 2 years ago our sex life has drained away to nothing and I've found this very hard to cope with having a strong sex drive.

    Recently I have met and been sleeping with a Virgo girl. She's 8 years younger than my wife (20) and doesn't know that much about me - including the fact I'm married (we met on Tinder). She's quite reserved and has her guard up but I'm getting the feeling she is definitely falling quite hard for me. My wife is starting to get suspicious of frequent texting etc so think the lie may be starting to unravel.

    I'm just wondering where this is now going. They say never cheat on a Scorpio! Should I cut my losses and start afresh with my Virgo girl or try and salvage my still young marriage with Scorpio wife? Or will history just repeat itself again do you think?

    Would be great to get your (non-judgemental) thoughts...

  2. I'minmyunderwear

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    good luck with that, you're cheating on your wife and basing major life decisions on your birthdays.
  3. magickman

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    I can't advise you on what do do with your marriage since I don't know much about you three. But an Aries/Virgo is a bad combo.
    My parents are Aries/Scorpio. Dad has the same problem. One thing I can tell you about astrology is that in the chart, everything is affected by everything else, if that
    makes any sense. IOW, where other planets fall can affect positive and negative tendencies of a sign.

    My parents are also Aries/Scorpio. Now I know that traditionally Scorpios are supposed to be highly sexual creatures. Mom is just the opposite, according to dad
    (I didn't really care to hear about it, but I figured as much). I also find it funny that as a Virgo, a Scorpio is supposed to be a match for me.
    If they are all like her, not gonna happen. But that's the thing, all things are not set in stone in astrology. This is why charts are made for people.

    Cheating on your wife isn't going to fix anything though.

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