Can illegal immigrants get Social Security benefits???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Fawkes, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. US citizens can and do go to hospitals and get "free" care. Hospitals are legally required to take anyone, whether they can pay or not, citizen or not. So anyone can walk in, get treated, and walk out without any intention of paying. I would hardly call this quality care, though.
  2. ^ haha yes but if your a citizen then you get charged, unlike mexicans they can just stroll into a hospital get thousands of dollars worth of care which PAYING TAX CITIZENS could be getting and then they run away as fast as they ran into the hospital so they dont get billed. Im pretty sure my parents couldnt get away with a "free hospital" visit.

  3. Everyone that goes to the hospital gets charged. It does not mean that everyone pays. If you are in the system they can report it on your credit report. If not I guess there is nothing they can do. I guess the point is it is not just illegals that do it. And I wonder how many illegals actually do do it.
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    Also, most counties owned hospitals are required by law as you said to provide a certain amount of care. In cases where say it was a homeless person with no income, isn't expected to pay, but he/she is expected to sigh with certain county programs. And for anyone who ever had a fake I.D. so they could drink? Illegals can also get fake I.D. that's just one of the uses for Identity theft.
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    i mean if my parents pay taxes like every other "American" what's your whole point about us wasting "your" money. My parents have lived here for 20+ years,pay all their bills and are home owners. I'm sure there are poor americans who get free health care and cheat off the gov. buts thats all good because they have citizenship, right.
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    A system that gives free health care to some while denying it to others needs to be changed.
    I think that free health for everyone is better than "kick out the freeloaders", which results in free health for none.
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    I would like to know how an "Illegal alien" is paying taxes much less three years worth of back Taxes .Because in order to do so would require a social security number ,and last i checked they dont give those out to illegals, so maybe a little bit of identity theft going on also?
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    its easy, they get a tax id number and file just like othersit doesnt require a soc sec number in order to file taxes
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    I have a tax ID #, but it's for my business. Too get it I had to give my SSA#.
    Recently a friend, who is a hospital administrator did a complete audit of employees and found 6 Maria Gomez's with the same SSA #'s working in the same hospital.
    Not very much of watchdog system, eh ?
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    Do all six Maria's do a good job? Show up on time? Would the hospital give better or worse care to the patients if 5 (or all) of the Maria's didn't work there?
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    Nice post.
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    I can't argue with that logic. Not to mention that the "kick out the freeloaders" mentality has resulted in the massive beurocracy that is responsible for one of the most expensive, yet least effective, health care systems in the world.

    Perhaps we should focus our energies on something more constructive, like going after the freeloaders at the top, the politicians and the over paid corporate execs, who are raping the health care industry (among others).
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    If they can, somebody in D.C. needs their boat turned over!

    After my stroke 8 years ago, I had to fight tooth and nail to get the two years I was entitled to. The first three months, they would conveniently forget to send my check. Then they tried to shut me off. Keep in mind that Short Term Disability is six months. Then I had to threaten to take my lawyer with me to Pittsburgh on a plane trip to get their attention for the rest.

    Now I see their ads on TV and it brings a few bad words into play. :)
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    The last post on this thread before yours was probably made before your stroke.
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    it seems you have to have a lawyer and threaten to sue the government to get anything you deserve today, but if you sneak across the border, you get to stay and suck up all the benefits you were never forced to pay into
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    Undocumented immigrants are not eligible to receive welfare benefits. The only way they can get them is by false identity papers. Legal permanent residents (LPRs) must pay into the Social Security and Medicare systems for 10 years before they are eligible to receive benefits when they retire, and In most cases, LPRs are not eligible for means-tested public benefits until 5 years after receiving their green cards. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, only U.S.-born (i.e., U.S.-citizen) children of undocumented immigrants are eligible for programs such as Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).
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    Save a whale, harpoon an illegal immigrant. :)
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    They're not getting benefits here or in your country either. That's why some of them act so pissed while being stuck in the process of being returned to their homeland (often takes awhile unfortunately). They may get their primary needs covered while theyre still in our countries but that's just to treat people humane.
    Btw: there have been accounts of rescue services in the mediterranean sea taking notice of loaded refugee ships and doing nothing. One of those boats with all people on it sunk and most people died. Funny huh? :)
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    A UK journalist, Katie Hopkins, described migrants as 'cockroaches' a while back in the Sun newspaper. She wasn't censured for it, and has now got a nice new job at the Daily Mail where she can continue to spread hate and the complete lack of empathy or humane feeling that characterizes both those publications.
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    Too bad it got that consequence of her getting a better (?) job because of that. Not sure about the not censuring part being bad. Maybe it is good to have people express themselves in that way. As long as they are reacted to with reasonable and clear no bullshit responses. It must be real cozy in the comment section of her Daily mail articles :p :D All PC rubbish of course!

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