Burning Man/ Local Burns and Black Rock City

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by drumminmama, Dec 25, 2004.

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    Yes I know there is not a Burning man fest in the Houston area.
    So I would like to be a part of this more than anything.
    So if anyone can give me some help on where the nearest one is I would love the information. And I'll start trying to find a ride .
  3. drbeaker

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    How is burning man different from rainbow gatherings? I ask because Burning Man seems pretty expensive for an event with no professional live music and rainbow gatherings are free.
  4. element7

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    .... and there's Burning Flipside:


    A Texas Burn.

  5. Quest_techie

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    I'm a nv local and, well $hit gets crazy when burning man comes around, I hope to go (for the first time) this year, I don't know if I'll do any art, I'm just going to be trying to figure it out this year
  6. drumminmama

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    Rainbow and BM are very different things.
    BM is not predominately hippie/ back to the landers, for one.
    BM is a art for arts sake gathering
    Rainbow is a tribal paray for world peace gathering.
  7. drumminmama

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    also inCo Apogea and Dreamtime split.
    Apaogea dates soon....
  8. Vicious_Vibez

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    Is anyone from the Toronto area goin this year?

    If someone will be as kind as to hook me up with a ride, they will be greatly rewarded:)

  9. Vicious_Vibez

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    Is anyone from the Toronto area goin this year?

    If someone will be as kind as to hook me up with a ride, they will be greatly rewarded[​IMG]

  10. drumminmama

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    Apogea dates:
    Apogea is the Colorado Burner gathering pre-playa. A hoot! see also the Dreamtime thread!
    Colorado gets TWO cool events!

    We got the place ...
    >> We got the time ...
    >> Now all we need are you beautiful people to come on down and make it
    >> HAPPEN!!!
    >> When? June 24th - 26th
    >> Where? Happy Ass Ranch (yes, for reals!) Private land located a
    >> mere 2.5 hours from Denver in the mountains northwest of Colorado
    >> Springs.
    >> Tickets are on sale now thru the website: http://www.apogaea.com
    >> There are 50 tickets available for only $15 each. Second-tier price
    >> is $25, and the rest will be $40. If you're feeling po' buy a $15
    >> ticket now before they're gone. If you can afford it, please
    >> consider buying one at $25 (those can also be purchased now thru
    >> paypal). Please tell all your friends who don't check email often
    >> (the cheap seats will likely be gone before the walk-up outlets have
    >> tickets).
    >> Now get those art grant proposals in... deadline on that is a week
    >> from Friday.
    >> Can you say "weeeee!!!!" ??
    >> We knew you could!
    >> -your apogaea promo team
    >> http://www.apogaea.com
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    I really really want to go to burning man, i'm not sure if i know anyone that can for sure go though. I don't even know if i can for sure go, i am starting college right after labour day and have to move into the dorms. I must go to burning man though! i know i wo uld love it. I would have to fly there as well, it's too far a drive from Mpls and i have to go to school like the day after it ends.

    i hope i go
  12. yea, a lot of people just tell their profs n stuff that they need to miss the first couple of days and they work it out easily. g'luck, burning man is sweet. :)
  13. lenore

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    umm...excuse my ignorance, but im not entirely sure wat the burning man thing is...sounds interesting tho!
    is it by any chance the festival held in the middle of the desert when they make HUGE wooden carvings of dragons and stuff and then they burn them. and there is hundreds of ppl and no one gets lost cox they just hav to walk towards the burnings sculptures!!

    y'know the one founded by the scientists who were tripping off their faces??? ach well maybe im speaking crap...lol
  14. sef

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    i need to find a way there from the east coast
  15. drumminmama

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    Lenore, BM started on the West Coast and now is in Nevada.
    The playa is a delicate ecosystem, but to the MBM organizers' credit, they do a hreat job leaving no trace.

    Yes, bm is a city for a week of art and alternative society installations that is burned at the end (to cuy down on stuff to pack out and to illustrate art's intransience.
  16. lenore

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    wow thats sounds amazing! id love to go, alas i find myself many a mile away here in scotland! poo.when is it? im coming over to tx mid july
  17. Sunny.Fey

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    yeah, but what and where and why? just a party excuse? im still wondering what it is exactly....
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    Isn't there supposed to be a burn event in Houston? I've never heard any news on it tho, and can't find any info.
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