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    I'm about to embark on my first journey to care for another living creature: Bonsai growing! I've been doing a great deal of research but nothing seems to really define what is for beginners and what is too advanced. So I'd rather ask people whom have had experience with it.

    How did you start? What mistakes did you make along the way? Where would you recommend someone start?

    I plan on starting with a juvenile juniper tree and the goal is to grow it into the style Sekijoju, or root over rock. Is this too lofty a goal for a beginner? What tips can you offer on trimming and shaping the tree? And what other tips can you offer in general care of the tree?
  2. Tyrsonswood

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    Root over rock would be okay for a beginner... It's going to be several years before the roots and rock are exposed and at that point you would no longer be a beginner. (if you get my drift... don't rush things)
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    Yeah!! I agree with tyrsonswood.

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