Bill O'reilly: Moveon Is 'dispicable!' 2×. Why?

Discussion in 'The Media' started by Jimbee68, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Yea as much as I like to sometimes keep track of what various sides and people are saying-regardless of whether I agree with them or not, I'm not even sure WHY I sometimes turn on Hannity. At first I think it's because he is just so ridiculous that I found him kinda funny... but any humor in his ridiculousness quickly faded and now when ever I see any of his shows it's just pure anger I feel. He's just way too much to even be funny.

    Are you kidding? If you watch pretty much any given episode of Hannity there is an example of this.
    For one he is extremely islamaphobic. In any case, the way I feel Hannity is is that there is thinly veiled hatred for pretty much every group of people that isn't, well a straight, white, conservative christian who also loves and adores cops and war and Israel. I get the feeling that at least with O'Reilly, while sometimes I don't agree with him at all either, I don't feel prejudice and hate radiating off of him and at least feel he usually thinks through his conclusions. Hannity I feel is just stuck in the things I have underlined in this paragraph and makes all of his decisions (conclusions) based off of those world views only. He will ALWAYS chose the side of whatever is from the underlined word and not even consider anything to the contrary.
  2. newbie-one

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    I have to admit, there's a big difference between them.

    One was a notorious despot with utter contempt for human rights, democracy, and the law. The other could speak in complete sentences and committed suicide in a bunker.
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  3. vance2335

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    We are not talking about Obama and Hitler.
  4. vance2335

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    Again where is the bigotry?

    Who is at war with America right now? Radical Islam. So it is a disservice to people if they are not called out. He does have Muslims on his show.
  5. Maybe 6 Eyed Shaman can give you a more exact example but.... for me, I just get the strong impression that instead of calling out ONLY Muslim Extremists that he has a fear of Islam in general... It's something I can't really explain but just seems really obvious to me with some of the ways he says things.
  6. Piney

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    O'Reilly,.................. Gass bag.........Egotist.............Entertainer first newsie 2nd... Arrogant....Doctronaire...........Orthodox.............

    He is from Long Island.......goes with the territory.
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    Pompous know it all. Wrong on most counts. Haven't watched him in quite a while. Hannity=Verbal bully, interrupting, - wrong headed rude piece of nothing.

    This letter that the repubs sent. The vitriolic social intercourse now exhibited on blogs and net sites. The dysfunction of the government. IMO, courtesy, respect for others, the ability/desire to listen----is gone and I put the blame directly on the 24/7/365 right-wing talking heads that started in the 90s and continues unabated.

    Analogies= millions get vaccinated, a small percentage are going to die. Millions of people drive cars= a certain percentage are going to have wrecks. Cults form= a certain

    percentage will be vulnerable to their pitch. Alrighty then----millions hear this vitriol, seeming hatred, disrespect, and outright lies OVER-AND OVER-AND OVER-AND OVER= A

    certain PERCENTAGE are and have been unduly( IMO) influenced and their actions show as much. The cheapening of social discourse has never been more apparent--and I

    have been listening--A LONG TIME. It is sickening and frankly, I NEVER thought this country could get so screwed up.
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  8. SouthPaw

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    I find Hannity irritating, but he's not a bigot or islamophobe. The only Muslims he criticizes are the ones out cutting people's heads off. He has a representative of the Muslim faith on almost every night. I find it interesting they consistently refuse to answer his questions in regards to whether or not they support radical Islam, but at least he lets them have their say. He'd have a much more productive show if he let people talk more. I thought there'd be some balance when it was the Combs and Hannity show, but he totally overshadowed Combs' inability to assert himself.

    O'Reilly is definitely in the middle in many important topics. He's on the right on others. And yes, he pulls for the left when it suits him. He's anti-gun to the point he recites tired old anti-gun lies, and defends President Obama's policies almost every night. Anything that might be controversial he pulls out "Well I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt" instead of a blanket tirade. He will will criticize Obama on important issues though. Some topics need to be discussed.

    But he's certainly not the boogeyman the left like to paint him to be,
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  9. r0llinstoned

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    fuck bill o reilly
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  10. Pressed_Rat

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    MoveOn is a George Soros created organization. Why would I trust MoveOn -- which is nothing more than a platform for the corporate-owned Democratic Party to push their agendas -- OR Bill O'Reilly?

    Neither one is better than the other, IMO. Nor could either exist without the other.
  11. sunfighter

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    Is that right? Please provide an example of an Obama policy that he defends.
  12. AT98BooBoo

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    Bill O'Reilly is a sexual harraser.
  13. SouthPaw

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    Some aspects of immigration reform (doesn't support blanket amnesty but also doesn't think kids brought here as minors should be forced out), gave him "the benefit of the doubt" on whether or not he knew about IRS targeting, Fast and Furious, or Benghazi. Decriminalizing marijuana for personal use (but doesn't want any other drugs decriminalized), anti-gun, education reform (he's critical of Common Core but thinks our education system is in trouble), agrees with some of his statements about energy, he even defended the extra hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money they waste because Barack and Michelle won't travel together.

    I catch him here and there so there's probably more. He can be pushy but I never understood why the left hates him so much.
  14. magickman

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    The only time O'Reilly is even remotely worth listening to, is at the very start of his show, the Talking Points Memo. Sometimes he kind of makes sense there.

    Rest of the show is a chance to have guests on that he disagrees with, cut them off and harass them and not let them respond. He's an Egotistical Bully.

    I'm sure his last wife would agree. He has dissed her ridiculously in and out of court (from what I've read anyway).

    Somehow I believe that...can you imagine living with that arrogant prick? The man is always right. A legend in his large mind.
  15. tumbling.dice

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    Whenever I hear anything about O'Reilly it reminds me of "Freedom Fries" and "Liberty Cabbage." :D [​IMG]
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  16. magickman

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    Watters is usually there addressing some stupid non-relevant issue with citizens in public. Basically in my opinion to flirt with college girls. Guy probably gets laid more than
    anyone else on Fox Network. Lol.

    And Dennis Miller? Give me a break, does this silly schmuck actually get paid for being on the show? I hope not, what a waste of money haha.

    The rest is just an opportunity to pump up Bill's ego. And it's huge. He's from the Kennedy bloodline by his Grandmother, maybe he thinks he has a right.

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